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#16 Death by TAXES


Hi everyone! This is Mr. Daniel. Welcome to this week's newsletter. President Biden just crashed the stock market Thursday on news that Biden may increase the capital gain taxes from the current limit of 20% to 39.6%. This increase in tax will be used to fund education and childcare. Why is this a big deal? For most of the history of income taxes, long-term capital gain taxes have been lower than regular income taxes. This policy may reverse this trend. The lower capital gain tax encourages Americans to save and invest but capital gain is also used by many wealthy Americans [...]

#16 Death by TAXES2021-08-18T21:45:36+00:00



Hi everyone, this is Mr. Daniel. Welcome to this week's newsletter. Here are some of the top news for the week! Tesla is an AI Machine learning prowess. It plans to offer Tesla “Dojo” for machine learning. In addition to being an Electric vehicles/energy storage/ software company, Tesla is flexing its muscle in the super-computing and artificial intelligence domain! Tesla Dojo - Tesla's supercomputer to scale machine learning using neural networks. This is NOT just a bunch of GPU and CPUs put together. Currently, we need a bunch of real people (human labelers, people who label objects) to do data labeling [...]

#15 WEEK UPDATE IN TECH, BUSINESS, FINANACE2021-08-13T23:30:56+00:00

#14 BUSINESS & ECONOMY – What Gen Z Needs To Do Now for Career and College Application


Hi everyone, This is Mr. Daniel. Welcome to another newsletter! The real economy is starting a boom. Real economy is not the stock marketing economy. The stock market is forward-looking and is often a reflection of future earnings expectations of the public traded companies. These two economies are in discord! The unprecedented boom in the stock market since March 2020 when the pandemic hits and the historical rally in the stock market since then paint a very different picture of continuing recovery of the pandemic induced job losses and challenges many Americans face today. More money has gone into the Stock [...]

#14 BUSINESS & ECONOMY – What Gen Z Needs To Do Now for Career and College Application2021-07-06T21:54:04+00:00

#13 REAL ESTATE – Big News On Mortgage Forbearance!


Hi everyone, this is Mr Daniel, Hope everyone is doing well! Big news coming out of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) regarding the mortgage forbearance program rolled out last year since the pandemic. CBS News reports. Of the 3 million behind on their mortgage payments, around 2.1 million are at least 90 days behind. The estimate is about 5% of homeowners are currently delinquent (behind in payments) on their mortgages. Many banks estimated that 10% to 50% of the delinquent loan may become foreclosure and cause a real estate crash. The new ruling from CFPB would block all mortgage service [...]

#13 REAL ESTATE – Big News On Mortgage Forbearance!2021-07-06T21:51:28+00:00

#12 TECH – LiDAR vs Camera – Which Team Are You On


Hi everyone, this is Mr. Daniel. How are you? I hope you guys are having a wonderful Easter holiday weekend and enjoying the wonderful southern California Spring! I would like to share with you the use of LiDAR and CAMERA on Self Driving Electric Vehicles (EV) LiDAR stands for Light Detection and Ranging and uses lasers to detect objects. LiDAR uses light pulses to bounce off objects millions of times per second. This generates a 3D representation of the world allowing the EV to “see” and make decisions used in autonomous driving. The typical wavelength used for automotive lidar is around [...]

#12 TECH – LiDAR vs Camera – Which Team Are You On2021-06-24T23:18:29+00:00

#11 The Try Guys – ANTI-ASIAN HATE


Hi everyone, I hope you are having a wonderful weekend! You may have heard on the news or social media about the many heartbreaking stories regarding Anti-Asian hate crimes. I came across the video by The Try Guys on Anti-Asian Hate that I want to share with you. I really had mixed feelings after watching the video. It is a bit over an hour-long but it is a great video putting into perspective how this type of hate against Asian Americans came about today. Racism & hate is a shared struggle among many ethnic groups. No single person or law can [...]

#11 The Try Guys – ANTI-ASIAN HATE2021-06-23T22:51:36+00:00

#8 YOUTUBE – Paul Logan On Race Relations


Hey guys, this is Mr. Daniel, I came across this tweeter post from Paul Logan. Impressed by what he says about race situations in our country. Guess he is not only known for his hooligan acts, raps, and boxing =) Remember that racists are ignorants. Don't be afraid to speak up for yourself and your friends. https://t.co/dl14Xz5X5y(https://twitter.com/LoganPaul/status/1267631648910139392?s=03) Here are two sites you can find out more about stopping anti-Asian racism. What's been happening in the past year is not just about racism against Asians, it is about hatred in general.   Here are two organizations you can look into to help, https://www.standagainsthatred.org/ [...]

#8 YOUTUBE – Paul Logan On Race Relations2021-06-23T22:47:20+00:00

#7 FINANCE – Compound Interest


Hi everyone, This is Mr. Daniel, I hope everyone is having a great weekend. Welcome to this week's newsletter.   I would like to share some of my thoughts on compound interest. One of the biggest news this week is the passing of the 3rd stimulus bill. The 1.9 Trillion (1,900 Billion dollars) stimulus bill is passed to ensure continued economic recovery from the Covid crisis since March 2020. Part of the package is direct payment to Americans! Here is a quick summary of the 3 Rounds of direct payments to Americans.   If you are single, meeting the requirement to receive all 3 [...]

#7 FINANCE – Compound Interest2021-06-23T22:46:38+00:00

#6 TECH – NFT, Non-Fungible Token


This is Mr. Daniel. How are you? I hope you are all doing well! Crazy news coming out recently in Cryptocurrency! I have to share about it.    First, a record of digital painting sales. Artist Beeple sold his Non-Fungible Token, "The First 5000 Days" for a whopping $69 million dollars at the Christie's Auction. Early this year, Paul Logan sold over $5 million dollars of his own brand of Non-Fungible Tokens.   What?   NFT or Non-Fungible Token is blockchain-backed digital Art cryptocurrency with unique identification codes and data associated with them. In other words, the owner of a NFT gets a [...]

#6 TECH – NFT, Non-Fungible Token2021-06-23T22:46:03+00:00

#5 COLLEGE – 2020 UC Admissions & Applications


Hi everyone, How are you? I hope all is safe and well!   March is the month when college decisions come out! It can be nerve-wracking time for graduating seniors and parents! If you are incoming seniors today (11th grade), these would be the approximate dates for you next year!   https://admission.universityofcalifornia.edu/how-to-apply/applying-as-a-transfer/dates-and-deadlines.html Estimated College Decision Dates: UC Santa Cruz February 22, 2021 UC Riverside March 1, 2021 UC Merced March 2, 2021 UC Davis March 12, 2021 UC San Diego March 12, 2021 UC Santa Barbara March 16, 2021 UC UC Irvine March 19, 2021 UC Los Angeles March 19-22, 2021 UC Berkeley March 25, 2021   May, 2021 UC Analytical Writing Placement exam  (AWPE) for all [...]

#5 COLLEGE – 2020 UC Admissions & Applications2021-06-23T22:45:33+00:00

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