8th Grade & 9th Grade

The Preliminary SAT®/National Merit Scholarship Qualifying Test offers students a foretaste of the actual SAT® Reasoning Test, assessing students’ critical reading, mathematics and writing skills. Your student’s PSAT score will help him or her understand how prepared he or she is for the real SAT®. In addition, this test will determine which junior-year students will be eligible for the National Merit Scholarship Corporation scholarship programs.

Our program, designed for middle school students and incoming high-schoolers, will equip students with the skills necessary to take the PSAT with confidence. We focus on building vocabulary and fundamental reading and writing skills to ensure that students not only score well, but are also given the opportunity to be considered for a National Merit scholarship.

We encourage parents of 7th- and 8th- graders to enroll students in this class as early as possible, so as to gaurantee that their students are as prepared as they can be. As always, our teachers are dedicated to the success of your students, and take great care in making sure that students not only achieve, but excel.


Our SAT® I Program is designed for serious students who want to see a dramatic improvement in their scores. This program is once a week, six rigorous hours of learning and practicing SAT® sample problems. Each week students will be quizzed on High-frequency vocabularies, complete both In-class and Homework assignments and take a weekly diagnostic test. Students who plans ahead and truly dedicate their time to us will find this special program most rewarding (10th – 12th grade).

* Please check out our Unmatched SAT® I records in the past 2 decades!

Our SAT® Teaching Methods #1-8

  1. 50 daily vocabulary words drawn from flashcards and vocabulary quizzes.
  2. Wide range of Reading topics (Literature, History, Pop Culture, Science, Novels, etc.)
  3. Daily essay writing. We use the “5-10-10-4”, a four paragrapg method proven to get you top essay scores.
  4. College level Literature to help boost your analytical skills.
  5. Weekly score report service with breakdowns. Scores will be posted up every week.
  6. “Catch Up Session” – It is mandatory that students stay after class to review and retake failed quizzes.
  7. A total of 1500 Math problems included in students Math packet, plus weekly Math quizzes and tests.
  8. We teach useful problem guessing strategies and really show you how to do reading comprehensions the right way.


America’s Most Widely Accepted College Entrance Exam

The ACT® test assesses high school students’ general educational development and their ability to complete college-level work. The test requires student to work a lot faster than the SAT® exam. The Science section requires high level of reading comprehension & analytical skills for data representation, research summaries & conflicting view points type of passages.

  • The multiple-choice tests cover four skill areas: English, mathematics, reading, and science.
  • The Writing Test, which is optional, measures skill in planning and writing a short essay.

Five Test Sections and Score (including optional writing portion)

Sections Score Time
1. English 36 45 min
a. Subscore:
Usage/Mechanic 40 Questions (53%)
Punctuation 10 Questions (13%)
Basic Grammar 12 Questions (16%)
Sentence Structure 18 Questions (24%)
b. Subscore:
Rhetorical Skills 35 Questions (47%)
Strategy 12 Questions (16%)
Organization 11 Questions (15%)
Style 12 Questions (16%)
2. Math 36 60 min
a. Subscore:
Pre-Algebra & Elementary Algebra 24 Questions (40%)
b. Subscore:
Intermediate Algebra & Coordinate Geometry 18 Questions (30%)
c. Subscore:
Plane Geometry & Trigonometry 18 Questions (30%)
3. Reading 36 35 min
a. Subscore:
Arts/Literature 20 Questions (50%)
b. Subscore:
Social Studies/Sciences 20 Questions (50%)
4. Science 36 35 min
a. Data Representation 15 Questions (38%)
b. Research Summaries 18 Questions (45%)
c. Conflicting Viewpoints 7 Question (17%)
5. Writing 2 – 12 30 min

Total Questions: 215
Total Time:
3 hours 25 minutes

Reading Clinic, Writing Clinic and Math Clinic

9th & 10th Grade
This program is designed for to build paced learning in English foundation. Students will learn the crucial techniques in Reading Based Reading and Writing as seen on SAT®, expository writing and persuasive writing as seen on ACT®. In addition, students will learn grammar skills needed to succeed in SAT® & ACT® exams

We have 3 types of SAT®/ACT® programs:

  1. Weekly SAT® I & ACT® Program: 10th & 11th
  2. Winter SAT® I & ACT® Boot Camp 10th & 11th
  3. Summer SAT® I & ACT® Intensive Program & Boot Camp 10th & 11th

We make it easy

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