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The real economy is starting a boom. Real economy is not the stock marketing economy. The stock market is forward-looking and is often a reflection of future earnings expectations of the public traded companies. These two economies are in discord!

The unprecedented boom in the stock market since March 2020 when the pandemic hits and the historical rally in the stock market since then paint a very different picture of continuing recovery of the pandemic induced job losses and challenges many Americans face today.

More money has gone into the Stock market in the past 5 months (December 2020- April 2021) than previous 12 years! CNBC reports that

“In raw numbers, $569 billion has flowed into global equity funds since November, compared with $452 billion going back to the beginning of the 2009-2020 bull market.”

After 11 months of the pandemic, the total 664 US billionaires’ wealth has ballooned from $3 trillion to $4.3 trillion!

The top-ranking wealthiest persons are Jeff Bezos of Amazons, Elon Musk of Tesla, Bill Gates of Microsoft, Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook, Warren Buffet from Berkshire Hathaway investment, Sergey Page, Larry Ellison of Google. All these people are in the technology industry with the exception of Warren Buffet. The total wealth of these 664 billionaires is also 1.8 times higher than the total wealth of the lower 50% of the Americans combine! (that would be about 165 million of Americans). On top of this, nearly 500 people become billionaires during the 2020 Covid pandemic (Forbes).

While many of these are paper billionaires and their wealth is tied to stock market fluctuations, the stock market boom is often far detached from reality.

The real economy is based on employment records, job placement, and wage growth of 99.9% of Americans. With the injection of the $1.9 trillion relief bill and estimated $2 trillion infrastructure plan in congress, the real economy is on the way to a supercharged growth all the way into 2022 and beyond. Many economists believe that we have the most optimistic job market in many years.

President Biden’s Infrastructure plan (The American Rescue Plan) is very aggressive. You can read in great details here https://www.whitehouse.gov/briefing-room/statements-releases/2021/03/31/fact-sheet-the-american-jobs-plan/

The $2 trillion dollar plan will impact the economy for years to come.

For current high school and college students, that would be Generation Z (6 years old to 24 years old in 2021) and Millennials (25 years old to 40 years old in 2021), the Infrastructure plan will bring in many career opportunities.

The millennials suffered from two big recessions (2008 and 2020) and inherited many of the problems in the economy inherited from the boomer’s generation  57-75 years old in 2021).

I think the future outlook is far better now as the result of the American Rescue Plan. The $2 trillion dollar plan is not without its controversies. But if the bill is passed in congress, we should see an additional boost for small businesses, money in state and local government, investment in infrastructure, technology, and environment.

I think this $2 trillion dollar plan will create a shortage of skilled workers, especially in technology-related fields. These skills are in artificial intelligence, machine learning, data science, engineering, cloud computing, network and cybersecurity, Blockchain technology, Robotics, Quantum computing, Internet of things to name a few. These essential skills require years of learning and should be on the radar of many high school and college students.

In our K-12 school district’s curriculum today, we have limited exposure to these critical skills essential in the next five to ten years in job markets.

Walnut Valley unified offers Tech Programs in Computer science. Fullerton Joint unified school district also offers cybersecurity. Sunny Hills High has an EPIC innovative project-based engineering program. These are technology programs in addition to traditional AP/IB Programs.

If a student decides to opt-out of these tech programs, their academic plans become too basic and commonplace. Today, most of our 24000 public high school curriculums are clones with few variations.

Out of nearly 140,000 people who applied to UCLA in 2021, the majority of them have the same courses; AP English, AP calculus, AP sciences. Less than 5% of the students who have a 4.0+ UC capped GPA are accepted!

Students who are interested in traditional fields like medicine, law, and business are at a big disadvantage if they do not have any technology experiences or special passion projects that can differentiate them from others. There are too many club presidents, pianists, athletes in college applications and almost everyone has some sort of volunteering experience. This is a big problem. What do you do?

One example of how important programming skills are in college. One of my first-year Harvey Mudd students is taking Biology 52 this year. The professor requires him to write codes/programs using python language. This is used in biological research to compare genomes of related species and to analyze horizontal gene transfer phylogeny in virus-related transmissions!

These are just some of the applications that coding can be used in pre-med and science majors in their college classes. Imagining what they would need to learn when they get into a molecular biology lab and actually participate in laboratory research.

Many researchers our counseling students have been involved in the past two years require them to understand coding. One case in point is the skill in Python and R programming used in data science research. College professors rather train college students who are more dedicated and knowledgeable than most high school students. Without these skills, high school students are outcompeted.

Getting an internship under your belt without real involvement and experience is a waste of time. Admission Officers, or AOs, can see right through superficial and meaningless experiences on a college application. Sometimes professors are candid on their recommendation letters and will not vouch for the students who do not have the learning capacity or who do not try their best during the internship.

There are so many intersections between technology & traditional sciences that I think it would be a huge mistake to ignore any of these skills in your 4-year high school portfolio.

I highly recommend younger students to really focus on their academic foundation during the school year. GPA management is a priority. However, competitive students should also invest outside-of-class time during the school year to build technology-related skills.

Many of these skills have a bigger learning curve than say AP biology and will take a longer time to learn. Through repetition, application, and projects, I think most high school students can achieve more than they imagine.

One of our popular programs for middle and high school students is python 101 and 201 plus ACSL (American Computer Science League) Competition or USACO (Computing Olympiad) competitions. These programs are not easy to learn and are open to students of any interest or majors.

The first-year program is designed to introduce students to the necessary foundations in python language (school teaches JAVA), the second year focuses on application and competition or projects. Students can also opt to work on individual passion projects in software or hardware that demonstrate creativity and hands-on work in the second year.

I think the key to getting into top colleges in the ever more competitive admissions environment is to have real and tangible skills that students invested in over the four years of high school. Without a solid skillset and committed sustaining activities as part of the extracurricular activities, what a student says on his or her college essays has no credibility or persuasion over the astute admission officers.

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我是丹尼爾。 歡迎來到另一個新聞資訊!

實體經濟開始繁榮。 實體經濟不是股票行銷經濟。 股票市場是前瞻性的,通常反映了上市公司對未來收益的期望。 這兩個經濟體不一致的!


在過去的5個月(2020年12月至2021年4月)中,進入股市的資金比之前的12年多!  CNBC報導



最富有的人是亞馬遜的傑夫·貝佐斯,特斯拉的埃隆·馬斯克,微軟的比爾·蓋茨,Facebook的馬克·扎克伯格,伯克希爾·哈撒韋公司投資的沃倫·巴菲特,謝爾蓋·佩奇,谷歌的拉里·埃里森。 除沃倫·巴菲特外,所有這些人都屬於技術行業。 這664位億萬富翁的總財富也比低50%的美國人的總財富高1.8倍!  (約有1.65億美國人)。 最重要的是,在2020年Covid大流行期間,有近500人成為億萬富翁(《福布斯》)。


實體經濟是根據就業記錄,工作安排和99.9%的美國人的工資增長確定的。 隨著國會提出的1.9萬億美元減免法案和估計2萬億美元的基礎設施計劃,實體經濟正朝著超速增長的方向發展,一直持續到2022年及以後。 許多經濟學家認為,我們擁有多年來最樂觀的就業市場。

拜登總統的基礎設施計劃(美國救援計劃)非常激進。 您可以在這裡閱讀詳細信息https://www.whitehouse.gov/briefing-room/statements-releases/2021/03/31/fact-sheet-the-american-jobs-plan/ 2萬億美元的計劃將在未來幾年內影響經濟。



我認為,由於美國營救計劃的結果,現在的未來前景要好得多。  2萬億美元的計劃並非沒有爭議。 但是,如果該法案在國會獲得通過,我們應該看到小型企業,州政府和地方政府的資金,對基礎設施,技術和環境的投資將得到進一步的推動。

我認為這個2萬億美元的計劃將造成技術工人的短缺,尤其是在與技術相關的領域。 這些技能包括人工智能,機器學習,數據科學,工程,雲計算,網絡和網絡安全,區塊鏈技術,機器人技術,量子計算,物聯網等。 這些基本技能需要多年的學習,應該成為許多高中和大學生的關注對象。


核桃谷統一提供計算機科學技術計劃。 富樂頓聯合統一學區還提供網絡安全。  Sunny Hills High具有EPIC創新的基於項目的工程計劃。 這些是傳統AP / IB程序之外的技術程序。

如果學生決定退出這些技術課程,那麼他們的學業計劃將變得過於基礎和司空見慣。 如今,我們24000所公立中學課程中的大多數都是複製形式課程,幾乎沒有變化。

在2021年申請加州大學洛杉磯分校的近14萬人中,大多數人都擁有相同的課程;  AP英語,AP微積分,AP科學。 少於5%的GPA GPA達到4.0+的學生被錄取!

對醫學,法律和商業等傳統領域感興趣的學生,如果沒有任何可以使他們與眾不同的技術經驗或特殊的激情項目,他們將處於不利地位。 申請大學的俱樂部主席,鋼琴家和運動員太多,幾乎每個人都有某種志願服務經驗。 這是個大問題。 你做什麼工作?

大學中編程技能的重要性的一個例子。 我一年級的哈維·穆德(Harvey Mudd)學生之一今年將修讀生物學52。 教授要求他使用python語言編寫代碼/程序。 這用於生物學研究中,以比較相關物種的基因組,並分析與病毒有關的傳播中的水平基因轉移系統發育!

這些只是編碼可以在大學預科課程和理科專業中使用的一些應用程序。 想像一下,當他們進入分子生物學實驗室並實際參與實驗室研究時需要學習什麼?

在過去兩年中,我們輔導學生參與的許多研究人員要求他們了解編碼。 一個典型的例子是數據科學研究中使用的Python和R編程技能。 大學教授寧願訓練比大多數高中生更專注和知識更多的大學生。 沒有這些技能,高中生就無法勝任。

在沒有真正參與和經驗的情況下獲得實習機會是浪費時間。 招生官或AO可以通過大學申請中的膚淺而毫無意義的經驗來正確查看。 有時,教授會坦率地推薦信,不會為沒有學習能力或在實習期間沒有盡力的學生提供擔保。


我強烈建議年輕的學生在學年期間真正專注於他們的學術基礎。  GPA管理是當務之急。 但是,有競爭力的學生也應該在學年期間在課外投入時間來建立與技術相關的技能。

這些技能中的許多技能比AP生物學說的具有更大的學習曲線,並且需要更長的時間來學習。 通過重複,應用和項目,我認為大多數高中學生可以取得比他們想像的更多的成就。

對於中學生和高中生,我們最受歡迎的計劃之一是python 101和201以及ACSL(美國計算機科學聯盟)競賽或USACO(計算機奧林匹克)競賽。 這些課程不容易學習,我們對所有興趣或專業的學生開放。

第一年的課程旨在向學生介紹python語言的必要基礎(學校教JAVA),第二年的重點是應用程序,競賽或項目。 學生還可以選擇在軟件或硬件上從事個人激情項目,以證明他們在第二年的創造力和動手工作。

我認為,在競爭日益激烈的錄取環境中進入頂尖大學的關鍵是要擁有學生在高中四年中投入的真實和確實的技能。 如果沒有紮實的技能和作為課外活動一部分的持續性活動,那麼學生在大學論文中所說的話對精明的招生人員的就不具有可信度或說服力。









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