Biology Honors

Summer + 40wks (9th Grade)

This is our introduction to Pre-IB and AP Biology class that begins during summer session. Incoming freshman will take a rigorous 8weeks summer session (2 midterms + 1 final) to qualify for Biology 101. Students who completed the summer session can opt to stay in Biology honors class for the school year. Advanced students can enter Biology 101. This course covers entire general biology at a level beyond honors high school biology, placing the level just below AP biology.

Biology 101

Summer + 40 wks (as early as 9th grade, can be taken concurrently with AP Biology at school)

We begin AP Biology training in summer before freshman year. Student can take AP & SAT II Biology in May and join USABO Open Exam in February. The course is very rigorous and focuses on critical reading and writing skills in science interpretation and understanding as required in AP Biology.

At the completion of the course, 9th Graders who are ready can opt to take both AP Biology and SAT II exams. 9th Graders who are not taking AP Biology can opt to take the SAT II Biology exam and take the AP the following year.

9th Graders are required to take one lecture class and one additional study session for a total of 4 hours a week.

The SAT II biology begins late February each year for 15 weeks is an additional class. 98% of our students receive 4 or 5 on AP exam (over 80% are 9th and 10th graders)

Biology 201

32wks – summer to March Semifinals exam (Biology 101 graduate or qualified students)

Advanced Biology Olympiad (Open exam & Semifinals exam)

For students who have completed 5s on AP Biology or have already entered Semifinals exam previously. This course will be comprehensive review of general biology with emphasis on USABO competition topics.

The curriculum focus on advanced, college level Biology

  • Animal anatomy and physiology: 25%
  • Cell Biology: 20%
  • Genetics and Evolution: 20%
  • Plant anatomy and physiology: 15%
  • Ecology: 10%
  • Ethology: 5%
  • Biosystematics: 5%

Chemistry Honors

Summer + 40wks (10th Grade)

This is our Honors level Chemistry for first time chemistry learners. The course begins with 8 weeks rigorous summer session that builds foundations in General chemistry. Topics covered in summer include Chemistry applications, nomenclature, moles & Stoichiometry, nuclear chemistry, general reactions, redox and net ionic reactions, gases, thermochemistry, lewis structure and molecular geometry. The summer course emphasizes on memorization and fundamentals. The goal of the course is build a solid chemistry foundation and excel in school. Students who pass our summer session (2 midterms + 1 final) can opt to stay in Chemistry Honors for the remaining school year or opt to enter Chemistry 101.

Chemistry 101

Summer + 40wks (10th or 11th Grade)

AP Chemistry training starts in summer. We will finish entire General Chemistry curriculum early February. Students can take AP and SAT II chemistry in May and compete for NChO Local exam in March.

At the completion of the course, 10th garders who are ready can take both AP chemistry and the SAT II Chemistry exam. 10th graders who are not taking AP chemistry can take SAT II Chemistry and AP next year.

10th graders are required to take a lecture class and a study session for a total of 4 hours a week.

AP chemistry is the easiest AP to receive a 5 and SAT II chemistry is the easiest science SAT II to get 800.

The SAT II Chemistry class begins late February each year for 15 weeks is a separate class. 98% of our students receive 4 or 5 on AP exam (over 80% are 9th and 10th graders)

Chemistry 201

32weeks, summer to March Competition (Chemistry 101 graduate or qualified student)
Advanced Chemistry Olympiad (Local & National exams)

This is designed for students who intend to go into science major and career. This course will be review based and students are expected to have completed Chemistry 101 or demonstrated excellence in AP exams. It is recommended for students who already finished AP chemistry with a 5 or have taken a college level equivalent course with labs. Our goal is to place rank nationally and be recognized as High Honors and ultimately qualify as top 20 students to participate in 2 week Study camp at US Air Force Academy for *IChO competition.

Physics 1

40wks (as early as 9th grade)

This is an entry level physics class designed for non-engineering students. The course focuses on Newtonian mechanics with concepts of electricity. It takes a non-calculus approach to college level physics concepts and prepares the student for AP Physics 1 exam in May.

Physics 2

Summer + 40wks (10th grade or for students who is taking AP physics 2 next year)

This course begins with 8 weeks review of Newtonian mechanics followed AP Physics 2 curriculum. The course is designed for advanced students who are taking SAT II physics and AP Physics 2 exams in May.

Intermediate Physics Olympiad

20 wks, summer to January

The class prepares students to compete in F=ma exam in January.

Advanced Physics Olympiad: 1 vs 1 session.

Students who have ranked in USA Physics Olympiad Semifinal exam or students who are aiming for top 24 USA Physics Team, top 40 for Gold Medal, top 60 for Silver Medal, top 100 for Bronze medal and top 160 for Honorable Mention in National ranking. Recommended for students who have finished AP® Physics C or Physics 2 and who have taken AP calculus AB).

AP® Physics C

Summer + 40wks

The class focuses on Mechanics, E&M as topics covered in AP® Physics C. College level Physics is absolutely necessary for students entering into Science majors, engineering majors and programming majors. We encourage students who plan to enter F=ma competition to finish Physics 1 & 2 together in 10th grade. While taking calculus based Physics C, preparation for US Physics Olympiad begins in summer.

8 AP®s by 11th Grade (3 year program)

Our AP® National Scholars Program is one of our most popular Academic programs for 9th 10th & 11th graders. This 3 year program is designed to train our gifted high school students to finish 8 AP®s, by 11th grade. Students who scored 4 or 5 in our AP® National Scholars Program will receive the most distinguished AP® National Scholar award in either 11th grade or 12th grade. In addition, graduates will also have accumulated one to two year of actual college credits by the time they finish high school (*actual credit varies depending on the college students attend). Students will demonstrate while in high school that they are college ready by taking the most challenged AP® courses early. This program is designed to transition our students to go beyond AP®s.

We understand that not all top students are interested in Olympiad competitions. Many of our AP® National Scholars Programs graduate do not participate in Olympiad program get into Top 20 universities in the Nation, including Stanford, MIT, and Harvard College.

The benefits of this program include:

  1. Students can enroll in College level courses in 12th grade, taking first year college courses in Math, second year college courses in Science. Students will have taken all educational opportunities available to them at high school level, further demonstrate their college readiness.
  2. Students will have AP® foundation in Biology & Chemistry by 10th grade to participate in Clinical research, Laboratory research at UC Cal state universities. Research applications are extremely competitive with limited spaces requiring academic scores and prior knowledge and experience in college level science.
  3. All high school students take similar AP®s. Our program is designed to facilitate our students to take these AP®s earlier and score them better than other students. Our students have unique academic profiles in college admission, graduating with maximum number of College level/AP®/IB courses. They also demonstrates continued interested in one or two academic fields by joining research and competitions the following year.

9th Grade: One or Two AP® courses

AP® Human Geography: Mr. Knox is our elite instructor who has been at Walnut High School for over 16 years. He holds a Bachelor of Arts and Masters Degrees in Geography. He has been an AP® reader for 7 years and counting. Each year, over 50 students receive 5s. With 100% passing rate, he instills knowledge and academic excellence in our 9th graders.

AP® Biology: Mr. Daniel has been teaching AP® since 1998. With 98% of his students receiving 4 or 5, he tackles the hardest scoring AP® Biology with a unique approach. Students will learn from his college level style lectures and learn to think and write critically with drilling AP® review sessions. He believes that the best way to set a proper tone college is by beginning 9th grade with hard work, discipline and AP® Biology. Mr. Daniel also periodically take actual SAT® and AP® exams and is known for his unparalleled accuracy in question predictions.

AP® Physics 1: Mr. Rubink, our Cal-tech graduate elite instructor in high level Math, AIME competition & Science. Mr. Glen has 9 years of experience and counting in various level math, higher level calculus and AP® science. Mr. Daniel also teaches AP® physics 1.

AP® Psychology: his course will help you prepare for and improve your performance on the AP® Psychology exam. It includes a review of evidence-based study strategies, an overview of the structure of the AP® Psychology exam, and many strategies for how to do well on the AP® Psychology exam.

10th Grade: Two or Three AP® courses

AP® European History: Mr. Almer Davis has over 28 years of experience in SAT®, AP® and history instruction. He has taught thousands of students with former students in renowned universities and is a walking dictionary.

AP® Calculus AB/BC: Ms. Sui, College Associate professor with over 14 years of experience and counting. She holds two Master degrees in Mathematics. She is best of the best instructors out there. Mr. Patel has been teaching Mathematics since 2003. He is one of our all-time favorite instructors and has great success with students from all math levels.

AP® English Composition: Our 10th graders take AP® composition and learn the writing and grammar skills in expository, persuasive and analytical writing. Dr. Lillie is our Master Instructor in Writing and grammar. He is an active writer & publisher with a MD degree in medicine. Mr. Almer Davis also teaches all levels of English.

AP® Chemistry: Mr. Daniel specializes in teaching AP® chemistry to first year learners. With 15+ years of experience in AP® chemistry and a different approach to teaching style, he has taught thousands of students since 1998. He specializes Olympiad competition as well.

AP® Physics 2: Mr. Rubink, Mr. Glen Kim & Mr. Daniel Lee are instructors responsible for Physics 2.

11th Grade: Four or Five AP® courses.

AP® US History: Mr. Hughes has been teaching over 17 years and counting in College Level History. He received his Masters from Pepperdine and a war veteran who has greatest life stories. Mr. Hughes also teaches AP® Government, World history, European History. Mr. Almer Davis also teaches AP® US History.

AP® World History: Mr. Hughes.

AP® Government: Mr. Hughes.

AP® English Literature: Mr. Almer Davis, Dr. Lillie, Mr. Hughes.

AP® Statistics: Mr. Rubink, Ms. Sui

AP® Computer Science: Mr. Rubink

AP® Spanish: Ms. Yvonne holds a Master of Business Administration degree and holds a teaching credential for Spanish at Cal State Fullerton. Her enthusiasm for teaching stems from her experience as a parent, school volunteer and a Boy Scout Counselor.