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Here are some of the top news for the week!

  1. Tesla is an AI Machine learning prowess.

It plans to offer Tesla “Dojo” for machine learning. In addition to being an Electric vehicles/energy storage/ software company, Tesla is flexing its muscle in the super-computing and artificial intelligence domain!

Tesla Dojo – Tesla’s supercomputer to scale machine learning using neural networks. This is NOT just a bunch of GPU and CPUs put together.

Currently, we need a bunch of real people (human labelers, people who label objects) to do data labeling to train Machines. Data labeling is making sense of what data input is. Machines need to be taught what data feeds mean. These data can be colors, edges, lines & shapes, words, and objects. For example, a neural network takes input from a camera frame, and the machine needs to take that input and predict what the output is.

Is the data a cat, a dog, or a piece of trash? The neural network needs to predict accurately these various inputs in order to figure out where the car can safely drive, and what is the best path to drive on.

When you have a huge amount of data (objects), human labeling is labor-intensive and is required to teach the neural network what each object means. This type of machine learning is called the supervised training of neural networks. Tesla is working on faster ways to machine learning that can be unsupervised!

The fleet of Tesla cars on the road allows Tesla engineers to pull any specific images for machine training. The fleet of cars essentially filters the world and looks for objects requested by Tesla and sends that back to Tesla engineers for analysis. The fleet is not just merely recording driving videos but the AI of the camera can help Tesla engineers to search for mistakes in identification & gather relevant images for machine learning improvement.

Imagining all the various breeds of dogs in all sizes and shapes, the fleet can pull all images of dogs and send them back to Tesla for machine training. The neural network gets better and smarter over time and learns to recognize what constitutes a dog.

Tesla’s project Dojo’s goal is to take a vast amount of video data to perform unsupervised training (no human labelers).

  1. Huawei (China’s 5G tech) is showcasing its autonomous driving

China’s EV market is heating up. The 1.3 million EVs sold in China is approximately 41% of global EV sales in 2020 (3.24 million). Europe has 42%, the US has only 2.4%.   Nio, XPENG, Li, Baidu, and now Huawei are getting into the EV market! Tesla alone sold about 0.5 million cars in 2020. Germany is now the second-largest EV market in the world, second to China.

  1. China warns 34 tech companies after a $2.8 billion Alibaba fine for antitrust.

Officials from 34 of biggest tech companies arrive at a Beijing meeting for anti-competition practices. Beijing wants to allow smaller businesses to compete amongst the existing giant tech companies.

  1. Economy continues to grow in April.

Jobless claims drop to a pandemic-era low of 576K vs 700K expected. Many jobs are the result of economic reopening plans and boost in hiring in hospitality and restaurant workers.

  1. Coinbase, the largest crypto exchange platform, became a public traded company.

This means you can now buy a portion of the company in the form of stock. Many of the largest companies like Apple and Amazon are publicly traded companies and you can own a small % of the company by buying its stock on brokerage companies like Charles Schwab.

Coinbase is an exchange (similar to Charles Schwab) where you and I can buy cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Tether, Dogecoin etc.

Coinbase currently has 54 million users purchasing cryptocurrency on its platform.

Other platforms like Square, Paypal, Robinhood allows consumers to purchase and trade cryptocurrencies.

Coinbase traded at $330 per share for 266 million shares on the stock market. This gives Coinbase a Market Capital of about $87.3 billion ($330/share x 266 million shares). To get a better sense of the size of the market cap, here are some other companies you may have heard of and their market caps.

Netflix has a market cap of $242 billion,

Disney $340 billion,

Bank of America (2nd largest bank by Capital) is $338 billion and

Apple, the largest company by capital is $2.25 trillion ($2250 billion)

Tesla is at $710 billion.

Here is a quick video on Coinbase: https://www.bloomberg.com/news/videos/2021-04-14/coinbase-ipo-what-you-need-to-know-in-4-minutes-video


  1. The next technological disruption is in Digital wallets and Genomic sequencing and analysis. 

Digital Wallet securely uses your payment info on iPhone, android phone, or smart devices like iPad. These payment systems include Apple Pay, Google Wallet, WeChat Pay, Alipay, Vemos, Samsung Pay, etc.


Genomic sequencing, gene editing like CRISPR technology will restructure the healthcare industry and cure cancer? YES!


Kathy Wood on revolutionary technologies that will ultimately lower the cost and benefit qualities of life. Check out here. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AOdd-H6jhqI&ab_channel=CNBCTelevision


  1. SpaceX won NASA’s $2.9 billion contracts to put the next American on the Moon. (SpaceX, Elon Musk’s private company outbid Jeff Bezo’s Blue Origin).


Project Artemis (the twin sister of Apollo, the US first mission to the Moon) will also put the first female and person of color on the moon. Go Starship! Here is the video from NASA main site: https://www.nasa.gov/press-release/as-artemis-moves-forward-nasa-picks-spacex-to-land-next-americans-on-moon


  1. Big banks’ earnings exceeded Wall Street estimates in Quarter 1 of 2021.

Publicly traded companies listed on DOW, S&P 500 or NASDAQ report quarterly earnings (each Quarter is 3 months) to give investors a glimpse of how the companies are doing. The stock prices normally go up and down in anticipation of the released earnings. Earning report include 3 main financial states

  1. Income statement
  2. Balance sheet
  3. Cash flow statement


These reports will give investors information on total revenue, expenses,  net income information compared to the quarter before and years before. The earnings are like health check-ups and investors can see if there are problems with the company.


Here is a quick summary of 2 of the big banks from CNBC:

Remember these are revenues of just 1 quarter (January to March 2021).

Goldman Sachs

Earnings: $18.60 per share vs. $10.22 per share expected by analysts polled by Refinitiv.

Revenue: $17.7 billion vs. $12.6 billion expected.

“The numbers were so strong, I’m bringing back the old [nickname] … I’m calling them ‘Golden Slacks,’” Cramer said. “If it traded at 10-times earnings, this would be a $413 stock … I’m betting that is where it’s headed, especially now that Goldman’s allowed to buy back stock.”


JPMorgan (currently the biggest bank in the US by market cap)

Earnings: $4.59 per share vs. $3.10 per share expected by analysts polled by Refinitiv.

Revenue: $33.12 billion vs. $30.52 billion expected.

“To me, this was the second-best report yesterday, although the market seemed to disagree as investors sold the news. But make no mistake, the numbers were fantastic,” he said. “I think the pullback in JP Morgan stock is a buying opportunity, plain and simple, and clearly somebody agrees because the stock started rebounding today.”

One of my students from Walnut high school turned 30 years old. He went to Berkeley as Biology Major and finished Graduate programs in Biochemistry at Claremont Mckenna College. He worked in a Biotech company for a few years and applied and got accepted into the Yale MBA program for Finance and Banking. His work experiences in the Biotech industry, research, and work ethics are undoubtedly what got him into Yale MBA. His background and interests in science and technology will be one of his biggest assets in any job field.

In high school, we may not know what lies ahead of us in future years. Do not be afraid of uncertainty. Stay curious about all things. Ask questions and learn as much as you can.

You will be surprised how much you can accomplish if you try.

See you next time!

Mr. Daniel



大家好,我是丹尼爾。 歡迎來到本週的新聞通訊。




  1. 特斯拉是AI機器學習中的佼佼者

它計劃向特斯拉提供“ Dojo”用於機器學習。 除了成為電動汽車/儲能/軟件公司之外,特斯拉還準備在超級計算和人工智能領域大展拳腳!


Tesla Dojo- 特斯拉的自動駕駛訓練超級計算機是使用神經網絡擴展機器學習, 這不僅僅是一堆GPU和CPU的組合。


當前,我們需要大批真實的人群(人類貼標籤者,為對象貼標籤的人)進行數據標記以此來訓練機器。 數據標籤使什麼是數據輸入變得有意義, 並告訴機器數據饋送的含義。 這些數據可以是顏色,邊緣,線條和形狀,單詞和對象。 例如,神經網絡從攝像機框架獲取輸入,並且機器需要獲取該輸入並預測輸出是什麼。


不論這些數據是貓,狗還是一塊垃圾, 神經網絡需要準確地預測這些不同的輸入,以及確定汽車可以安全行駛的位置和最佳的行駛路徑。


當您擁有大量數據(目標物體)時,人工標記會很費力,並且需要向神經網絡傳授每個目標物體的含義。 這種機器學習稱為神經網絡的監督訓練。 特斯拉正在研究可以不受監督的更快的機器學習方式!


特斯拉在路上行駛的車隊使特斯拉工程師可以提取任何特定的圖像進行機器培訓。 這些車隊實質上是在過濾世界,尋找特斯拉要求的物體,然後將其發回特斯拉讓工程師進行分析。 車隊不僅記錄了駕駛視頻,而且攝像頭的AI可以幫助特斯拉工程師尋找識別錯誤並收集相關圖像以改善機器學習。


想像各種大小和形狀的各種犬種,車隊可以提取所有犬隻的圖像,然後將它們發回特斯拉進行機器訓練。 隨著時間的推移,神經網絡變得越來越聰明,並且學會了識別狗的構成。





中國的電動汽車市場正在升溫。  2020年,在中國售出的130萬輛電動汽車約佔全球EV銷量(324萬輛)的41%。 歐洲42%,而美國只有2.4%。 蔚來,小鵬,李立,百度及現在的華為正在進入電動汽車市場! 到2020年,僅特斯拉就售出了約50萬輛汽車。德國現在是世界第二大電動汽車市場,僅次於中國。







來自34家最大的科技公司的官員抵達北京參加反壟斷法規會議。 北京希望允許規模較小的企業與現有的大型科技公司競爭。



失業救濟人數跌至大流行時代的低點57.6萬,而預期為70萬。 許多工作是經濟重新開放計劃的結果,並增加了接待和飯店工人的僱用。



這意味著您現在可以購買一部分公司的股票。 蘋果和亞馬遜等許多最大的公司都是上市公司,您可以通過購買像查爾斯·施瓦布(Charles Schwab)這樣的經紀公司的股票來擁有公司的一小部分股份。


Coinbase是一家交易所(類似於Charles Schwab),您和我都可以在這裡購買比特幣,以太坊,Ripple,Tether,Dogecoin等加密貨幣。

Coinbase目前有5400萬用戶在其平台上購買加密貨幣。 Square,Paypal,Robinhood等其他平台也允許消費者購買和交易加密貨幣。


Coinbase在股票市場上以每股330美元的價格交易了2.66億股。 這使Coinbase的市值約為873億美元(330美元/股x 2.66億股)。 為了更好地了解市值的大小,以下是您可能聽說過的其他一些公司及其市值。










Digital Wallet可在iPhone,Android手機或iPad等智能設備上安全地使用您的付款信息。 這些支付系統包括Apple Pay,Google Wallet,微信支付,支付寶,Vemos,Samsung Pay等。

基因組定序, CRISPR等基因編輯技術將重組醫療保健行業並可治愈癌症? 是的!

凱西·伍德(Kathy Wood)提出的革命性技術將最終降低成本並提高生活質量。

相關訊息可在這裡查看。  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AOdd-H6jhqI&ab_channel=CNBCT電視


  1. SpaceX獲得了NASA的29億美元合同,將送下一個美國人登上月球。

(SpaceX,埃隆·馬斯克(Elon Musk)的私人公司比傑夫·貝佐(Jeff Bezo)的Blue Origin出價更高。)

Artemis項目(阿波羅的雙胞胎姐妹,美國首次登月任務)也將送第一位有色人種和女性登上月球。 去星際飛船!




  1. 2021年第一季度,大型銀行的收入超過了華爾街的預期。

在DOW,S&P 500或NASDAQ上市的公開交易公司報告季度收益(每個季度為3個月),使投資者可以了解公司的運作情況, 股價通常會因預期的獲利而上漲或下跌,收益報告包括3個主要財務狀態:




這些報告將為投資者提供與上一季度和上一季度相比的總收入,支出,淨收入信息。 收益就像健康檢查一樣,投資者可以查看公司營運上是否存在問題。







克萊默說:“從高盛漂亮的財報數據來看,我要把高盛的成名綽號”Golden Slack 黃金褲 “再重新拿回來使用。如果以10倍的市盈率交易,那將是413美元的股票……我敢打賭,這就是它的發展方向,尤其是現在高盛獲准回購股票。”





“對我來說,這是昨天的第二好的報告,儘管隨著投資者賣出這一消息,市場似乎不同意,但請不要誤會,這些數字真是太棒了,”他說。  “我認為,摩根大通股價的止跌顯而易見正是買入的機會,顯然有人同意,因為該股今天開始反彈。”



我曾有一名來自核桃高中現已30歲的學生 ,他在伯克利(Berkeley)攻讀生物學專業,並在克萊蒙特·麥肯納學院(Claremont Mckenna College)完成了生物化學研究生課程。 他在一家生物技術公司工作了幾年,被耶魯大學金融和銀行MBA計劃錄取。 他在生物技術行業的工作經驗,研究和職業道德無疑是促使他進入耶魯大學MBA的原因。 他在科學和技術領域的背景和興趣將是他在任何工作領域中最大的資產之一。


在高中,我們可能不知道未來幾年會發生什麼。 不要害怕不確定性。 保持對所有事物的好奇心。 提出問題並儘可能多地學習。