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#42 Blockchain Metaverse & Web 3.0


Hi everyone! This is Mr. Daniel, welcome back to another newsletter! Metaverse, Omniverse, our future social media universe are extremely transformative. Innovative companies are making their stake now in the future Metaverse. Technological advancements, decentralized finance (DeFi), Non-Fungible Tokens (NFT), Artificial intelligence, autonomous robotaxi, blockchain technology & DNA genomics are going to have huge disruptive effects on the economy and our lives. These technologies have been improving and brewing in the background since 2000. Covid pandemic has been the decisive biological catalyst for changing the world. I think everyone, especially high school and college students need to rethink their future and [...]

#42 Blockchain Metaverse & Web 3.02021-12-09T02:31:22+00:00

#41 2022 Summer Programs – Why We Should Care!


Hi Everyone! Welcome back to this week’s newsletter! I hope everyone had an awesome Thanksgiving break! Final exams are coming up and 2022 Summer Program Applications are opening! College and high school students have 4 years of education and 3 important summers to make the most use of your education. The summer going into Sophomore, Junior and Senior years are the most crucial. I can not emphasise enough the significance and importance of Summer planning and preparations.  What is Summer planning? Summer Planning means setting up solid academic and nonacademic plans over a 10-week summer vacation. For many high school school [...]

#41 2022 Summer Programs – Why We Should Care!2021-12-02T21:41:52+00:00

#22 You Major vs Career, My Perspective


Hi everyone, This is Mr. Daniel, I hope you are having a wonderful weekend. Welcome to another week’s newsletter. I would like to talk about "Your Majors vs Careers" from my own perspective. According to a study done by the National Center for Educational Statistics in 2018, an overwhelming number of students change their college major at least once. For example, 40% of the students whose original declared major in Natural sciences (biology, chemistry, etc) changed major within 3 years and 52% of the Mathematics majors changed to something else within 3 years.   So what college major works best?  How will [...]

#22 You Major vs Career, My Perspective2021-10-14T20:50:41+00:00

#21 Finding College Fit – How to Research Stanford University and Get In


Hi everyone, This is Mr. Daniel. Welcome to another week’s newsletter!   Every young person in the United States regardless of their background or interests is told to go down this path: College. Pick your major, choose your classes, do the best you can and graduate. If at some point in this educational system you feel stuck, choose another major, or go to graduate school and make a difference. Everything will fall in place.   In this overly simplistic view, college is often perceived as a solution to life’s bigger problems, and getting into the best colleges is everything.   Why [...]

#21 Finding College Fit – How to Research Stanford University and Get In2021-10-14T20:50:01+00:00

#20 What Would You Do With $1 Million Dollars


Hi Everyone, Welcome to another week of newsletters. This is Mr. Daniel, I hope everyone is having a fantastic week! What would you do with a million dollars? This week's newsletter is a bit longer. I am inspired to write about the topic when an old friend asked me for advice. Firstly, this money would have to be after-tax money. Pre-tax one million income put you in the highest of the 7 Federal tax brackets at 37% and the highest of the State income taxes at 12.3% in California. The after-tax money would be a lot less than $1 million. So [...]

#20 What Would You Do With $1 Million Dollars2021-10-14T20:49:19+00:00

#19 Blockchain & Cryptocurrency – Rise to the Moon!


Good morning everyone! Welcome to another week’s newsletter. I would like to talk about Blockchain and its applications in Cryptocurrency. Cryptocurrency News: The meme Cryptocurrency meant to poke fun at Bitcoin went through a rollercoaster ride. Dogecoin, started in late 2013 has been growing in fame both in and outside the crypto community. The price of Doge was at $0.0057, about half a cent at the beginning of 2021. It is currently trading at $0.5555 almost 100 times or 9900% the value in January! Dogecoin runs on blockchain technology similar to Bitcoin and Ethereum. This means that they run on a [...]

#19 Blockchain & Cryptocurrency – Rise to the Moon!2021-09-02T21:50:37+00:00

#18 Machine Learning or is it magic


Hi guys! Welcome to another week’s newsletter! Machine Learning is everywhere in our daily lives. It makes our lives more insightful and more personalized! With the enormous amount of data created by humans today, we rely on machine learning to analyze and make sense of the data and to create algorithms that optimize our experiences. Let’s take YouTube videos for example, Hundreds of hours of content are uploaded onto YouTube videos each minute. Recommendation uses deep neural networks to deliver optimized recommendations depending on your user history and context. Millions of videos narrow down to hundreds of candidates and ultimately to [...]

#18 Machine Learning or is it magic2021-09-02T21:47:42+00:00

#17 TECH & ECON – Big Tech blowout earning Q1 2021


Good morning! This is Mr. Daniel, I hope everyone is doing well. Welcome to our weekly newsletter! Big earnings coming out of the Big techs this week! Earnings are reported quarterly. Wall Street, fund managers, and retail investors pay attention closely to what is contained in the report & perhaps more importantly the company financial forecast of the year to come. Here are some tech earning summaries, Tesla (market cap $640 billion)- Net income $438 million on $10.39 billion Revenue (after $299 million stock-based compensation for Elon Musk). After buying $1.5 billion of bitcoin earlier this year, Tesla is now sitting [...]

#17 TECH & ECON – Big Tech blowout earning Q1 20212021-08-18T21:49:11+00:00

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