This is Mr. Daniel. How are you? I hope you are all doing well!

Crazy news coming out recently in Cryptocurrency! I have to share about it. 


First, a record of digital painting sales. Artist Beeple sold his Non-Fungible Token, “The First 5000 Days” for a whopping $69 million dollars at the Christie’s Auction. Early this year, Paul Logan sold over $5 million dollars of his own brand of Non-Fungible Tokens.




NFT or Non-Fungible Token is blockchain-backed digital Art cryptocurrency with unique identification codes and data associated with them. In other words, the owner of a NFT gets a series of numbers and letters dropped into their digital wallet!

NFT is a type of cryptocurrency along with bitcoin, ethereum, Stellar, Tether, Litecoin… even dogecoin (Shiba inus)!


What exactly is Non-Fungible Token? 


Firstly, Non-Fungible means not exchangeable. Non-Fungible assets are the ones that can not be interchanged for other assets of the same type. Fungible assets like Money, on the other hand, is interchangeable. A $100 bill can be exchanged with five $20 dollar bills, both have equivalent values and are fungible. Petrol or gasoline is fungible, Gold is fungible because a specific weight of Gold from two different people are equivalent in value.


A person’s house is non-fungible, I can not trade Peter’s house for Jason’s house as each person’s house has different conditions, neighbors, views, layouts, locations and therefore have different values.  A diamond is not fungible because a cut of diamond has unique characteristics that can add or subtract its value. (Diamond has different grades based on 4 C’s: Clarity, Color, Cut, and Carat Weight and the value of diamond is highly dependent on its grade). A baseball card, a pokemon card is non-fungible and the value is in the eye of the beholder.


So, back to Beeple, the $69 million digital painting. You can check it out for yourself  in high resolution. It is minted and a collage of Beeple’s 5000 paintings. Beeple’s real name is Winkelmann, he set out to make a digital art each day since 2007. The first 5000 of these “everydays” are compiled together to form “The First 5000 day” auctioned on Christies.


You can download an image of this work and it is everywhere on the internet so why would anyone pay $69 million dollars for it? Crazy!


Here are other NFT examples:

  1. a NFT of a recent 12-second dunk video clip by LeBron James sold for $200k, the same play can be watched free on youtube!


  1. a NFT of a pixelated image of Cryptopunk #2890 sold for $750k. You can download and keep it also. NBA also has the “right” to the video clip…


  1. Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey NFT of his first tweet from 2006, “just setting up my twttr,” and is worth around $2.5 million! Yes, it is just a tweet! for $2.5 million dollars.


  1. You can sell a NFT picture of yourself! or a song you composed, your favorite item, a game plan, a minecraft real estate you built, literally of anything!


So what do you really get when you buy a NFT? an experience? an ownership right ? a special membership and perks from the issuer? Anyone can have access to your NFT. It can be accessed in the form of a video clip, a downloadable digital art or google search. The only difference is that the owner of the NFT has the bragging right to actually own the digital certificate of the NFT.


Mark Cuban from Shark tank and owner of the NBA Mavericks is a big supporter of NFT!

He thinks Generation Z (born between 1997 and 2012) value digital assets over other physical properties! NFT creations and investments are changing the way we consider what an asset is.


I think this is a great opportunity for creators! Creators can design the NFT with a resale percentage so the original Artist can receive continuous revenue from resales. There are also a lot of investment opportunities around NFT’s. Imagine Mr. Beast, my favorite youtuber, starts offering his brand of NFTs for philanthropic work! It can help to transform the world.


However, I think there are a lot of potential problems with NFT. It is crazy and unbelievable how much value certain people can put into NFTs. I am excited for the possible opportunities for their creators, BUT if you can not liquidate (or sell) your asset, is it really one? Can you sell your NFT when you need to? Who is going to care about you having the original “The 5000 Days” when anyone can download and display the same art piece on their phone, their laptop or their home? I think NFT can be a huge bubble ready to bust open.


I am ambivalent. I see pros and cons. Check out this video and let me know what you think =)


As a high school student, keep in mind that 6 to 10 years in the future, disruptive technologies will change the world we all live in today. Fully autonomous driving, digital wallet (no more credit cards), Neurolink (Brain-machine interface to combat the evils of Artificial Intelligence) or digital assets like bitcoin and NFT’s are the future. These all revolve around STEM. When you learn Science, Technology, Engineering and Math, you are building the future!


This is why we need to care about math and science even at high school level. Don’t just memorize equations. Find out why you learn certain equations for formulas so you can appreciate their applications in the world we live in today. Follow your heart and pursue what you find interesting. Act and elaborate on these interests through passion projects. Keep an open mind about learning. Strive to learn new things each day.


There are too many seniors who are valedictorians with tier 1 GPAs. How many of them demonstrated real interest in the real world and acted on them?

2020 (class 2024) Ivies acceptances

Yale: 6.5% 2304/35220

Princeton: 5.6% 1823/32836

UPenn: 8.0% 3404/42205

Harvard: 4.9% 1980/40248

Dartmouth: 8.8% 1881/21394

Cornell: Beginning this year, Cornell will stop annual reporting

Columbia: 6.2% 2465/40084

Brown: 6.9% 1533/36794


Colleges look for non-quantifiable factors in their best applicants. They truly want to know how applicants spend their time outside of school. You should care how you spend your free time too =)


Have a great weekend,

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Mr. Daniel



嗨,我是丹尼爾。 希望你們一切都好!


最近在Cryptocurrency中出現了一則瘋狂的新聞! 我必須和大家分享一下。


一是數碼油畫銷售記錄。 藝術家Beeple在佳士得拍賣會上以高達6,900萬美元的價格出售了他的非同值化代幣,“前5000天”。 今年年初,保羅·洛根(Paul Logan)售出了自己的非同值化代幣(Non-Fungible Tokens)品牌,價值超過了500萬美元。




NFT或Non-Fungible Token是區塊鏈支持的數碼藝術加密貨幣,具有唯一的識別碼和與之相關的數據。 換句話說,NFT的所有者將一系列數字和字母放入其電子錢包!

NFT是一種加密貨幣,與比特幣,以太坊,Stellar,Tether,萊特幣以及多吉幣(Shiba inus)一樣!




首先,NFT非同值化代幣是不可交換的。 NFT不能與其他同類資產互換的資產。 反過來說,FT-同值化代幣就如同金錢之類的易變資產是可以互換的。 一張100美元的鈔票可以換成五張20美元的鈔票,它們都具有相等的價值並且可以互換。 汽油或汽油是可替代的,黃金是可替代的,因為特定重量的黃金價值相等。


Gold is fungible because a specific weight of Gold from two different people are equivalent in value.


一個人的房子是不可替代的,我不能用Peter的房子換成Jason的房子,因為每個人的房子都有不同的條件,鄰居,視野,佈局,位置,因此具有不同的價值。 鑽石不可替代,因為鑽石切割具有可以增加或減少其價值的獨特特徵。  (基於4 C,鑽石具有不同的等級:淨度,顏色,切工和克拉重量,鑽石的價值在很大程度上取決於其等級)。 棒球卡,口袋妖怪卡是不可替代的,其價值因人而異具有其唯一性。


因此,回到Beeple,這幅價值6900萬美元的數碼藝術作品, 您可以自己用高解析度去觀看, 它是Beeple彙集了5000幅畫作的拼貼畫。  Beeple的真名是Winkelmann,自2007年以來,他便開始每天製作數碼藝術,並將這些“日常”中的前5000天匯總在一起,形成在佳士得拍賣會上的“ The First 5000 day”。





1.最近由勒布朗·詹姆斯(LeBron James)製作的12秒扣籃視頻片段的NFT售價為20萬美元,在youtube上你可以免費觀看相同的播放!


  1. Cryptopunk#2890像素化圖像的NFT售價為75萬美元。您也可以下載並保留它。 NBA也擁有視頻剪輯的“權利” …


  1. Twitter首席執行官傑克·多爾西(Jack Dorsey)從2006年開始發布他的第一條NFT推文,“只是建立我的twttr”,就價值約250萬美元!是的,這只是一條推文!售價為250萬美元。


4.您可以出售自己的NFT圖片 ,創作的歌曲,您最喜歡的物品,遊戲計劃或您建造的Minecraft房地產,幾乎包括所有事物!


那麼,當您購買NFT時,您真正獲得了什麼? 是體驗? 是所有權嗎? 是發行人特殊會員資格還是特權? 任何人都可以造訪您的NFT,他們可以通過視頻剪輯,可以下載數位藝術或以Google搜索的形式進行查訪。 不同的是NFT的擁有者具有炫耀的權利,並且實際擁有NFT的數碼證書。


鯊魚坦克的馬克·庫班(Mark Cuban)和NBA小牛隊的老闆是NFT的大力支持者!

他認為Z世代(出生於1997年至2012年之間)對數位資產的重視程度超過了其他物理屬性!  NFT的創造和投資正在改變我們考慮資產是什麼的方式。


我認為這對創作者來說是一個絕佳的機會! 創作者可以按轉售百分比設計NFT,以便原始藝術家可以從轉售中獲得連續的收入。  NFT周圍也有很多投資機會。 想像一下,我最喜歡的YouTube用戶Beast先生開始為慈善工作提供NFT品牌! 它可以幫助改變世界。


但是,我認為NFT仍然存在很多潛在的問題。 有一些人可以為NFT所賦予的價值而瘋狂到令人難以置信。 我為他們的創作者可能帶來的機會而感到興奮,但是,如果您無法清算(或出售)您的資產,那會是真的嗎? 您可以在需要時出售NFT嗎? 當任何人都可以在手機上,筆記本電腦或家中下載並顯示相同的作品時,誰會關心您是否真正擁有原始的“ 5000天”? 我認為NFT可能是一個準備破滅的巨大幻影。


我很矛盾。 我看到了NFT的利和弊。 觀看此視頻後,請讓我知道您的想法=)


作為一名高中生,請記住,未來6到10年,顛覆性技術將改變我們當今生活的世界。 全自動駕駛,電子錢包(不再需要信用卡),Neurolink(應對人工智能弊端的腦機接口)或比特幣和NFT等數位資產將成為未來。 這些都圍繞著STEM。 當您學習科學,技術,工程和數學時,您正在建立未來!


這就是為什麼即使在高中階段我們也需要關心數學和科學的原因。 不要只記住方程式而要找出為什麼要學習這些方程式的公式,以便了解它們是如何應用在我們當今生活的世界。 跟隨自己心裡的意願,追求自己感興趣的事物。 藉由一些激情計劃項目,對這些有興趣的事物採取行動並盡心投入, 對學習保持開放的態度。 每天努力學習新事物。


有許多頂尖GPA的12年級學生, 他們中有多少人表現出對現今世界的真正興趣並且採取過行動?












大學在最優秀的申請者中尋找無法量化的因素。 他們確實想知道申請人如何在校外度過他們的時間、 您應該要關心的是如何度過你的空閒時間=)