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Advancement in Gene editing will revolutionize medicine!

Gene editing caught the world’s attention in 2018 when a Chinese Scientist, He Jianhui, used CRISPR to modify CCR5 receptor DNA so that a set of twins are resistant to HIV infections. Dr. Cahrpentier and Doudna are awarded Nobel Prizes in Chemistry 2020 for discovering CRISPR/Cas9 genetic scissors!


CRISPR is a set of genes used by bacteria. We can use CRISPR to search for a specific gene of interest and Cas9 to edit the genetic code! New fragments of genetic code can now be inserted precisely to replace the faulty gene using the CRISPR technology.


We can alter Plants for better yield to feed the human population, making crops insecticide and drought resistant, how about super nutritious rice?


We can alter livestocks for human use and consumption. Currently, we kill more than 3 billion animals every single day! Maybe this is not the only way to consume animals.


For the environment, we can edit yeast to produce hydrocarbons used for commercial products instead of relying on crude oil that harms our environment.


For health and sciences, we can use CRISPR to do Xenotransplant to harvest pig organs for humans! With more than 100,000 are on the waitlist for new organs, we can edit the organs to match recipients to reduce organ rejections.


The ethical issues – can we edit human embryos to cure genetic disorders like blindness and hearing loss? The debate goes on.


I think it would be extremely cool to produce super plants that can capture CO2 from the air and turn them into plastic products while boosting Oxygen production for humans in future colonies. This way we can give mother earth time to heal herself while we slow down our ravage consumption of natural resources by shifting some of the human population to, say Mars!


What is your favorite superpower to gain from Gene editing?


CRISPR Therapeutics AG (CRSP) and Editas Medicine Inc (EDIT) are just two of the genomic editing companies that hope to treat human diseases using CRISPR technology!


As a high school student interested in Science, you can learn AP Biology, AP Chemistry and Python by 10th grade on your own. This way, you will be equipmented with basic tools to intern under professors for laboratory research and get your foot into the exciting world of science and technology.


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Mr. Daniel


嗨,大家好! 我是丹尼爾!


基因編輯在2018年引起了世界的關注,當時中國科學家何建輝利用CRISPR/CCR5基因編輯技術,從而使一對雙胞胎對HIV感染具有抵抗力。  Cahrpentier和Doudna博士因發現CRISPR / Cas9基因剪刀而榮獲2020年諾貝爾化學獎!


CRISPR是存於細菌中的一種基因。 我們可以使用CRISPR來搜索感興趣的特定基因,並使用Cas9來編輯遺傳密碼! 現在可以使用CRISPR技術精確插入新的遺傳密碼片段,以替換故障基因。




目前,我們每天殺死超過30億隻動物! 這也許可以讓人類改變食用動物及使用和消費牲畜的唯一方法 對於環境,我們可以編輯酵母來代替以碳氫化合物用來生產的商業產品,而不必依賴對環境有害的原油。


為了健康和科學,我們可以透過CRISPR異種移植豬隻器官應用於人類! 由於有超過100,000位在等候器官的候補名單上,透過編輯動物器官,降低免疫排斥以期緩解長期短缺。


道德問題-我們可以編輯人類胚胎以治療遺傳性疾病,例如失明和聽力損失嗎? 辯論還在持續進行中。


我認為,生產能夠從空氣中捕獲二氧化碳並將其轉化為塑料產品同時又能促進未來殖民地人類氧氣生產的超級植物,這將是非常酷的事情。 這樣,我們可以給我們的地球一點時間來治愈自己,同時我們通過將一些人口轉移到火星上來減慢自然資源的消耗。




CRISPR治療公司(CRSP)和Editas Medicine Inc(編輯)是希望使用CRISPR技術治療人類疾病的兩個基因組編輯公司!


作為一名對科學感興趣的高中生,您可以自行學習10年級的AP生物學,AP化學和Python。 當你具備了這些基本學識的能力,你就可以在教授的帶領下實習並進行實驗室研究,踏入令人興奮的科學技術世界。