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Big earnings coming out of the Big techs this week! Earnings are reported quarterly. Wall Street, fund managers, and retail investors pay attention closely to what is contained in the report & perhaps more importantly the company financial forecast of the year to come.

Here are some tech earning summaries,

  1. Tesla (market cap $640 billion)- Net income $438 million on $10.39 billion Revenue (after $299 million stock-based compensation for Elon Musk). After buying $1.5 billion of bitcoin earlier this year, Tesla is now sitting on over $2.5 billion bitcoin after profiting $101 million from bitcoin sales this quarter. Elon Musk also said earlier this year that Tesla will be accepting bitcoin as payment for buying Tesla! I am not sure how taxes will work on car purchases using bitcoin, we will have to be updated on that later. Elon’s renovative thinking seems to be paying off big time. For Tesla’s financials, only the bitcoin sold by Tesla will be realized as profit for accounting purposes.


  1. Apple (market cap $2.2 trillion) – the biggest company in the world reported a whopping $90 billion in revenue ending March 2021 and approximately $23 billion net income. Apple also issued an unprecedented $90 billion stock buyback program. This means that Apple will buy back its own shares on the market. This effectively decreases the number of Apple shares on the stock exchange making Apple’s EPS or earnings/share ratio higher. Investors generally like repurchase programs. This means that Apple is reinvesting in itself (it thinks its own stock is undervalued). The buyback also means that there will be fewer Apple shares on the market and that your Apple stock will be worth more (less supply drives value higher).

The breakthrough technology is Apple’s M1 processor that makes chips like Intel processors obsolete. Apple is going through a supercycle in its product technology, M1 is going into iPad, Mac, and other products. More on that later!


  1. Alphabet (market cap $1.6 trillion) – The parent company of Google reported earnings of $55.2 billion with a net profit of $17.9 billion. Google’s revenue from YouTube alone this past quarter is about $6 billion and is growing about 50% compared to last year. This puts YouTube’s yearly revenue on par with Netflix!

Alphabet also plans a $50 billion stock buyback.


  1. Facebook ($930 billion) reported $26 billion revenue for the quarter and a net profit of $3.30 per share. This EPS 3.30 is also called earning per share and is another way to represent net profit.

For example, Facebook had a net profit of $9.4 billion with 2.51 billion outstanding shares on the market ($9.4 billion/2.51billion = $3.30 per share). The higher the EPS, the more valuable the stock.

There are 1.88 billion daily users on Facebook (remember it also owns Instagram and WhatsApp). They don’t report the hours people spend on social media, it must be shocking! Remember not to spend so much time on your social media and do not pay too much attention to toxic people online either!


  1. Microsoft (Market cap $1.89 trillion) reported $41.7 billion and a net profit of $15.5 billion. New Xbox series X and Series S consoles helped to boost the earnings.


  1. We are awaiting Amazon’s earnings on 4-29-2021. NY stock exchange opens 9:30a to 4p (6:30a to 1p Pacific Time). Often earnings are reported after trading hours.


You can find a lot of financial information from yahoo finance. Search up your favorite companies

You will find a lot of matrix for the company under Financial or Apple’s main website

Many Americans are concerned about our continued reliance on the Big tech firms on anti-competition practices, political influence, ethical framework, privacy issues to name a few. Big techs are also the rocket engine for the economy, job growth, and renovation.

Apple is one of the biggest driving forces for job growth and is responsible for over 50 million jobs directly & indirectly for Americans. In 2020, Amazon alone added more than half-million new jobs on top of its 1.3 million employees. Tesla’s Gigafactory in Fremont California, Nevada, New York, Berlin, Shanghai, and Austin Texas. Tesla’s plan in Austin is estimated to bring in 9000 jobs plus other investment opportunities.

If you are interested in STEM, you will likely one day work in some capacity with the Big tech companies. You can either work under one of their subsidiary companies or work in partnership with these companies as a STEM business entrepreneur. The jobs and opportunities created directly and indirectly as a result of these Big tech firms are truly incredible. In biology terms, these big techs are the keystone species that interconnect food webs with their critical roles. Without them, we would lose a tremendous amount of biodiversity, the ecosystem may become unsustainable and even collapse.

One of my good friends, Tony Torng, has been a leader in education on multiple fronts. His Chinese Institute of Engineers CIE/USA is hosting a seminar to promote STEM education. This year the seminar topic is on Artificial Intelligence for Health Care at IBM research. This would be a great opportunity for our future doctors today to learn about machine learning in medicine! Every aspect of our lives is affected by Artificial Intelligence (your social media, YouTube, online shopping like Amazon & Shopify, Uber & Tesla FSD, Tesla insurance, digital currency, etc). One of the applications in medicine is to use AI for the early detection and diagnosis of cancer, heart diseases, and neurological disorders like stroke. Early detection and accurate future prediction can mean a difference between life and death. I encourage many high school students who are interested in science to attend and listen in. If you are interested, please check out the link below:

Stay interested in Science & Technology!

Remember to get vaccinated and see you next time.

Mr. Daniel



我是丹尼爾,我希望每個人都過得不錯。 歡迎來到我們的每週新聞!

本周大技術公司將帶來豐厚的收益! 收入按季度報告。 華爾街,基金經理和散戶投資者都密切關注報告中所包含的內容,也許更重要的是,還要關注公司來年的財務預測。


  1. 特斯拉(市值6400億美元)-淨收入4.38億美元,收入103.9億美元(扣除以埃隆·馬斯克(Elon Musk)的2.99億美元股票補償後)。在今年早些時候購買了15億美元的比特幣之後,特斯拉現在坐擁超過25億美元的比特幣,本季度從比特幣銷售中獲利1.01億美元。 馬斯克(Elon Musk)今年早些時候還表示,特斯拉將接受比特幣作為購買特斯拉的付款! 我不確定使用比特幣購買汽車的稅收將如何運作,我們稍後必須對此進行更新。 伊隆(Elon)的革新思想似乎正在收穫豐厚的回報。 對於特斯拉的財務而言,出於會計目的,只有特斯拉出售的比特幣才會被認定為利潤。


  1. 蘋果(市值2.2萬億美元)-全球最大的公司報告稱,截至2021年3月的收入高達900億美元,淨收入約為230億美元。蘋果還發布了史無前例的900億美元股票回購計劃,這意味著蘋果將在市場上回購自己的股票。 這有效地減少了蘋果在證券交易所的股票數量,從而提高了蘋果的每股收益或收益/份額比率。 投資者普遍喜歡回購計劃,這意味著蘋果正在對其自身進行再投資(它認為自己的股票被低估了)。 回購還意味著,市場上的蘋果股票將減少,您的蘋果股票將價值更高(更少的供應驅動器價值更高)。

突破性技術是蘋果公司的M1處理器,該處理器使像英特爾處理器這樣的芯片變得過時了。 蘋果的產品技術正在經歷一個超級週期,M1正在iPad,Mac和其他產品中發展。 這些以後再說吧!


  1. Alphabet(市值1.6萬億美元)-Google的母公司報告利潤為552億美元,淨利潤為179億美元。僅在上個季度,Google在YouTube上的收入約為60億美元,與去年同期相比增長了約50%。 這使YouTube的年收入與Netflix相當!



  1. Facebook(9300億美元)報告稱,該季度收入為260億美元,每股淨利潤為3.30美元。每股收益3.30也稱為每股收益,是表示淨利潤的另一種方式。

例如,Facebook的淨利潤為94億美元,市場上有25.1億流通股(94億美元/25.1億美元=每股3.30美元)。  EPS越高,股票就越有價值。

Facebook上每天有18.8億用戶(請記住,它還擁有Instagram和WhatsApp)。 他們沒有報告人們在社交媒體上花費的時間,這一定令人震驚! 請記住,不要在社交媒體上花費太多時間,也不要對在線上一些傳遞負負量的人過多關注!


  1. 微軟(市值為1.89萬億美元)報告為417億美元,淨利潤為155億美元。新的Xbox系列X和系列S控制台有助於提高收益。


  1. 我們正在等待亞馬遜20-21年4月29日的收益。紐約證券交易所開盤時間為9:30a至4p(太平洋時間6:30a至1p)。 通常在交易時間後才報告收益。

您可以從Yahoo Finance中找到很多財務信息。 搜索您喜歡的公司


許多美國人擔心大型科技公司對市場造成壟斷性,以及在政治影響力上,道德框架,隱私問題等方面太過依賴大型科技公司。 但是大型科技公司就像火箭推進器,推動了經濟,就業的增長和裝修業。

蘋果是就業增長的最大推動力之一,直接或間接為美國人創造了超過5000萬個工作崗位。 在2020年,僅亞馬遜一家公司就增加了130萬名員工,創造了超過50萬個新工作崗位。 特斯拉在加利福尼亞州弗里蒙特,內華達州,紐約,柏林,上海和德克薩斯州奧斯汀的超級工廠。 特斯拉在奧斯汀的計劃估計將帶來9000個工作崗位以及其他投資機會。

如果您對STEM感興趣,則可能有一天可以進入大型技術公司工作, 您也可以在其子公司之一下工作,也可以作為STEM商業企業家與這些公司合作。 這些大型高科技公司直接或間接創造的工作和機會確實令人難以置信。 從生物學的角度來看,這些大型技術是將食物網與其關鍵角色聯繫在一起的基石, 沒有它們,我們將失去大量的生物多樣性,生態系統可能變得不可持續甚至崩潰。

我的好朋友之一托尼·托恩(Tony Torng)在多個方面一直是教育領域的領導者。 他的中國工程師學會CIE / USA正在舉辦一個研討會,以促進STEM教育。 今年的研討會主題是IBM研究機構的“醫療保健人工智能”。 對於我們今天的未來醫生來說,這將是一個學習醫學機器學習的絕好機會! 人工智能會影響我們生活的各個方面(您的社交媒體,YouTube,亞馬遜和Shopify,優步和特斯拉FSD,特斯拉保險,數字貨幣等在線購物)。 醫學上的應用之一是將AI用於癌症,心臟病和中風等神經系統疾病的早期檢測和診斷。 早期發現和準確的未來預測可能意味著生與死之間的差異。 我鼓勵許多對科學感興趣的高中生參加並聽取他們的意見。如果您有興趣,請查看以下鏈接: