Student of SAT Professionals
Almer and Daniel brought so much personality into the SAT Professionals classroom; there were so many dynamic strategies present that I never got bored. Although their teaching styles were initially different, the bottom line was that I learned, and I eventually loved to learn. SAT Professionals illustrated to me that a 2400, 800s, and 5s ultimately come from not only my own study ethics and dedication, but a solid support system and numerous helping hands as well. And, yes; the staffs at SAT Professionals gave me just the encouragement I needed. Almer concentrated more on the language part, he was straightforward and articulate. He gave me an outline on how to write an essay, and I got an 11 or a 12 every time I took the actual SAT. Writing became easy. And trust me, his advice is guaranteed. On the other side of the spectrum, Daniel knew how to teach the necessary basics of chemistry and math. He kept pushing me and encouraged me; and although I unfortunately only studied a week for Math IIC, Daniel's lessons gave me a score that seemed like an illusion when I saw the number.