I have twin boys who are currently seniors in high school. A little less than a year ago, they joined SAT Professionals (13841 Roswell Ave# D, Chino, CA 91710) to prepare for their ACT and SAT Math IIC exams. They both saw significant improvements in their scores, and the final test results were even better than we had hoped for. Their counselor,Clorina Lin, made the entire college preparation process a pleasant experience for all involved. She provided guidance in the college application process as well as activities during the summer. The students were taken on a series of campus tours to give them an idea of the college environment. From start to finish, the counselors guide students, help them discover their passion, and aid them in creating a distinguished profile that is essential to students applying for college. Overall, we had a great experience with SAT Professionals and now the boys are awaiting good news from their college application submissions. SAT Professionals is definitely recommended!