Q: What is the SAT® REASONING TEST (SAT®)?A.Consist of 3 parts: Critical Reading, Writing, and Math. Each 800 points for a total of 2400. It takes around 3 to 4 hours

Q: Are there penalties for wrong answers?

A: Yes. You get – point off for every incorrect answer

Q: Why should I take it?

A: If you want to go to college, you need it. All colleges look at your score.

Q: When do I take it?

A: The SAT® is offered every month during the school year. You should begin preparing the summer before your junior year and take it when you feel comfortable in your junior or early senior year.

Q: Can I take it more than once?

A: Yes. Some colleges even look at the composite highest score. You can take it at the very latest December of your senior year!

Q: Should I take it more than once?

A: Not if you don’t have to. Most people usually take the SAT 2 times, but you should not take the SAT more than 3 times. This is especially true if you only want to bump up your score just a few points

Fun Facts: There have been claims that writers who write about personal experiences are less likely to get higher scores. In March 2004 Dr. Les Perelman found that 90% of essays that contained more than 400 words got the highest score of 12.

*It isn’t easy, but studying hard, practicing, and getting help if necessary will get you above a 2000!