Diamond Bar High, Upenn
I went to Daniel after struggling with AP Chem for a whole semester. I wasn't grasping the material but luckily I found Daniel who was patient and so willing to help those who are struggling. I appreciate how comprehensive he is and how well he was able to explain in simpler terms. He made the concepts easier to understand and we constantly did practice that prepared me for the AP exam in May. With his help I was able to get a 5! After taking his Ap Chem class, I felt comfortable taking SAT 2 Chem and even scored an 800 with Daniel's help as well! Not only is Daniel talented in teaching chemistry, he is also talented in teaching SAT 2 math which I also took under him. This preparation also immensely helped me score an 800 in SAT 2 math. Daniel is an extraordinary teacher and I wouldn't be here without his help!