SATPROFESSIONALS helped me with every single one of my standardized tests. AP, SAT, SAT II, ACT: You name it, they helped with it. Daniel Lee is quite literally the best science tutor in Southern California. He knows biology, chemistry and physics like the back of his hand and explains concepts very well. Almer is one of the best writing instructors I’ve met and he can really help with SAT because he can boil down what the test is down to its most basic rules. Daniel has awesome science lectures. He makes it very easy for you to understand and he can make classes engaging. Almer is just as clear. He focuses very carefully on the principles of the exam and he’ll make it funny. Both make their classes very enjoyable and will make you remember all that their lessons. I don’t think I could have gotten my scores without their help. The first summer in SAT class, I jumped 600 points and then after that, 400 points.