Q: If a I was born in the US but spoke a language other than English at home, is it important note this on a college application?

A: Yes. It can influence the way an admission committee views a your SAT® reading and writing scores.

Q: What is the TOEFL®?

A: TOEFL® stands for Test Of English as a Foreign Language. It is a computerized test which measures a your ability to read, write, speak and understand English.

Q: Who needs to take the TOEFL®?

A: Foreign language students should take the TOEFL® early in their Senior year in high school.

Q: How do I sign up for the TOEFL®?

A: You can register for the TOEFL®

Q: How are TOEFL® test scores reported to college?

A: When you register for the TOEFL® you can indicate on the registration form which colleges they would like their scores be sent to. Score reports may also be sent at a later time, for an additional fee.