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Stop wasting your time with less experienced tutors or tutors who cannot communicate effectively. Come and check us out. We are the AP, SAT professionals and we put our names to the most rigorous test to ensure your success in AP and SAT’s

Daniel Lee Sat Pro TutorDaniel Lee has been teaching AP Biology, AP Chemistry, AP Physics, and all levels of math since 1998. He focuses on the problem areas that will be most valuable for students to earn their maximum scores. Daniel does not always use the typical “class lecture” format for his classes. He believes that all students work at their own, different pace, even if they all attend the same class at the same school. Instead he individualizes the extra help to fit his students’ needs. Furthermore, unlike many tutoring centers where students can only go once a week, Daniel can be available for students the night before any major tests they may have and make a big difference in their test grades.

Daniel is a top honors graduate from UCLA in Biochemistry with 4 years of laboratory and clinical research experience. In addition to teaching, he is also a distinguished guest speaker on college preparation since 2003, with seminars as “New Changes in SAT and Strategic Academic Planning”, “How to study SMART, not Hard”, and most recently this year, “What High School Students Must Know About College Admissions.” Daniel works hard to prepare his students to attain their maximum potential. His teaching philosophy has always been giving his students the best and easiest way to solve problems, to get to the point quickly and practice, practice and more practice.

Almer - Sat Pro TeacherAlmer John Davis is a published author, produced screenwriter and produced playwright. He knows the English Language as well as an Instructor can. In his 20 years of Private-Group and Academy PSAT, SAT, AP, English, Writing, Grammar and History Instruction, Almer has taught thousands of students. His former students are enrolled in or have attended all the major American Universities. Almer’s University Graduates are in all the top American Professions. In particular, Almer has worked his entire career in the Korean Community and has helped thousands of young people there.

Almer’s teaching philosophy is this: lecture with hands-on workshop material corresponding to what has been discussed. Almer believes two of the most important disciplines a student can learn are self-reliance and self-motivation. To be successful in college and later in professional life, students must have self-reliance and self-motivation. The desire to achieve must come from the individual himself or herself. Almer preaches and teaches this to all his students and his track record of successful students is unsurpassed.

Alex Koer has been teaching high school English for 11 years. He earned his B.A. in English from Whittier College in 1996 and Masters in Education in 1998 from Whittier as well. Currently, he serves as chairman of the English Department at Brea Olinda High School. He oversees AP and international Baccalaureate writing workshops and serves as adviser of the award-winning student newspaper, the Wildcat. Many of his students have attended or are currently attending top academic institutions in the country, including Yale, Princeton, Columbia, West Point, USC and all of the UC’s. Alex’s primary goal as an SAT instructor is to ensure student success on the PSAT and SAT exams through the mastery of essay writing, improvement of reading comprehension skills, and confidence building.
Mason Sabbagh teaches English at Rowland High School. A California distinguished school. He received his B.A in English literature from La Verne University and his teaching credentials from Cal Poly Pomona. In the ten years, he has served at Rowland International Baccalaureate program and has helped Rowland’s Advanced Placement program. Mason has taught every level during his secondary career as a high school teacher. He has taught Freshmen Honors English for eight years, Junior Honors English for two years, and is currently one of the three Senior English teachers on his campus. His student passing rate for IB and AP tests is outstanding. Many of his formal students attend the most prestigious universities in the country including Harvard, Yale, Stanford and Northwestern, UPenn, UCLA, SCSD and UC Berkeley.
Tutor Jerry Knox at SAT ProfessionalsMr. Knox has taught at Walnut High School for 16 years. He has his Bachelor of Arts and Masters degree in Geography. He’s been teaching AP Human Geography for 9 years and has taught the course at Cal Poly Pomona. Some years 100% of his students pass the AP test. In 2011 106 out of 107 sophomores passed the exam and 52 of them received 5s (and many of them are not honors students and English language learners). He has been an AP reader for 5 years (grades the essays for college board). His travels have taken him to 38 countries around the world including: China, Japan, India, South Africa, Australia and most of Europe.

In his free time he loves to spend time with his wife and two children. He coaches his son’s basketball team and is a soccer referee. He is also dedicated to fitness. He has run 20 marathons, completed an Ironman triathlon and a 100 mile ultramarathon. He also has the world record for fastest marathon dribbling a basketball (his son talked him into it).

Ralph Baker - SatPro TeacherRalph Becker, BA Yale University, MBA, UCLA, College Counseling Certificate, UCLA Extension teaches all aspects of English including reading, writing, vocabulary development and grammar. He has been teaching the English portions of the SAT and ACT for over eight years. Along with Dr. Richard Lillie, Ralph Becker has written SAT Vocab 800 Books A, B, C, and D, containing the most commonly encountered 800 vocabulary words on the SAT, and has published over 170 articles on college counseling.

  • Fall 2012 Student Acceptances from: Harvard, Stanford, Brown, Dartmouth, Duke, Northwestern, Notre Dame, Emory, Swarthmore, University of Chicago all University of California…
  • Fall 2011 Student Acceptances from: Stanford, MIT, Columbia, Brown, Dartmouth, Cornell, Duke, Rice, Northwestern, all the UCs…
  • Counseled over 130 students over the last 8 years
  • Advisor to United Arab Emirate’s Scholarship Coordination Office
  • Author: SAT Vocab 800 Books A, B, C, and D
  • College Counseling Certificate, UCLA Extension Program, 2006
  • Former Yale Alumni Interviewer -Member of HECA, WACAC
  • College Counseling Columnist with Grunion Gazette
  • BA, Yale University
  • MBA, UCLA, Anderson School of Business
SAT Pro Teacher - Richard_LillieRichard Lillie – Master Instructor: Essay Writing, English Grammar, SAT Critical Reading/Writing

  • Over 8 years experience
  • Author: The Ultimate and Nonpareil SAT Vocabulary Builder
  • BA, English, UCLA
  • MD, UCSF


SAT Pro Stanley ChoiStanley Choi has a passion for learning and teaching mathematics. He has been trained by many prestigious SAT institutions and channels his youthful energy to motivate his students. He earned his Pure Mathematics degree from UCSC and has taught all the SAT subjects in numerous locations across South California. Stan avoids needlessly memorizing formulas and focuses on SAT test taking tactics and strategies which are tailored to each student’s needs and starting skill level. He arms his students with basic and advanced strategies for the SAT, teaches his students the foresight to see the traps, and the wisdom to invest their time effectively depending on their difficultly and the student’s personal preference. Students most often use a brute-force or inelegant method to reach their solution, Stan often multiple explanations and methods to reach a solution.

Yvonne Chan - Sat Pro Teacher

“Ms. Yvonne holds a Master of Business Administration degree and has successfully passed the California Subject Examinations for Teachers in Spanish as well as English. Her enthusiasm for teaching stems from her experience as a parent, school volunteer, and a Boy Scout counselor.”  

She is passionate about teaching and learning languages, and enjoys working with students in both subject areas. Her enthusiasm for teaching stems from her experience as a parent, a school volunteer, and a Boy Scout counselor.

Yvonne believes that students need to take an active role in their learning to ensure success. In addition to developing academic skills, the biggest responsibility of a teacher is to help students develop self-motivation and self-direction. It is important for students to work hard, but they should also have fun in the learning process.

Glen Kim - SatPro TeacherGlen Kim has had seven years of professional teaching experience in science and math including chemistry, biology, physics, psychology, calculus, and statistics. He received his Bioengineering degree from UCSD and graduated with a full Regent’s Scholarship, and has had 2 years experience in radiology and genetic research. Glen teaches in a 3 step process that always begins with preparation. This involves the student learning an entire unit in condensed form before it is actually taught in class which puts the student in an immediate advantage ahead of his or her peers. The second step is training which involves repeated practice and problem solving. Through repetition the student is able to work through problems at higher efficiency. The final step is analysis which is the mastering stage of learning. This stage allows the student to understand the reasoning behind the methodology. Glen’s philosophy in teaching is self-discipline. He believes it is very important for a student to realize that success may require hard work but with plenty of self-discipline it may really not be as hard as they think it is.

SAT Pro Teacher - Kate_BorihaneKate Borihane graduated Cum Laude from California State University, Fullerton with a Bachelor’s degree in English in 2006. Subsequently, she went on to earn a Master’s degree in secondary education in 2013 from California State University, Fullerton. Kate has been teaching for 7 years in the Walnut Valley Unified School District. She has taught all secondary grade levels, 6th-12th grade in Walnut Valley, including courses of English Honors, SDAIE, PSAT and SAT preparation, and College Preparatory English.

Currently, Kate is working with a team of teachers to further develop a design-based curriculum that aligns with the common core standards. She is teaching the English component of this student-centered program, known as Academic Design, at Walnut High School. The program will commence its 2nd year beginning this fall with the junior year and will be expanded to add the senior year in the fall of 2014. This three year program provides a unique pathway through high school for sophomores who are searching for a different way to learn, one that allows them to be innovative members of a team, designing solutions to a set of problems they are assigned throughout the year. Kate is an integral part of the instructional team, facilitating student learning within collaborative learning groups, employing a variety of teaching strategies, developing long and short range curriculum plans that align to standards, and planning integrated lessons with two additional subject area teachers.

One of Kate’s most important goals as a teacher is to facilitate student learning in order to help students be successful in any English class and on any English aptitude exam. Students learn in a variety of ways; thus, a variety of delivery methods is needed in order to maximize the knowledge they will gain from the course. Students in her class can expect to increase their vocabulary, fine-tune the organization, clarity and voice of their essay writing, and effectively analyze literature.

Patrick England has worked as an English Tutor for twenty-two years. After graduating from Southern California College with a B.A. in 1988, Patrick pursued graduate work in English at Cal State Fullerton, ESL at UCI and a teaching credential at National University, before deciding to work full-time at his tutoring. Having studied in public as well as private colleges, he knows the value of a high-quality education like the kind offered from teachers at SAT PROS. Along with using conventional materials and methods, Patrick has produced materials he uses with his students, like his hybrid writing skills/ novel, Windy Hills, and his vocabulary skills novel, Z is for Zany Ziggurat. What Patrick values most is his wife of twenty years, and his family and friends, and of course, his students. Patrick is proud to have worked with students who have gone on to schools like Stanford, Yale, Brown, Columbia as well as USC, UCLA and UC Berkeley.

SAT Pro Teacher - Mike_HughesMichael M. Hughes is a credentialed teacher in both English and the Social Sciences. For the last 15 years Mike has taught AP U.S. History, as well as AP European, and AP World. Mike received his two undergraduate degrees, from UCLA and La Verne University, and received his Masters from Pepperdine.

Mike has also been involved in the private tutoring industry, for the last decade and has successfully helped hundreds of students prepare for both the AP History exams and the SAT. Mike’s teaching philosophy is based on facilitating classroom interaction with test content to maximize student test preparation. Mike believes that individual student accountability, and hard work, are a critical success factor to student achievement.

SAT Pro Teacher - Mr. ChadwickMr. Chadwick has been tutoring young people in math and English since his university days as an architecture major at Cal Poly Pomona. He has tutored ESL students in English, particularly in vocabulary building, reading comprehension and writing for both fun and to explore and explain ones ideas. Mr. Chadwick enjoys sharing his life-long love of mathematics and science as a way of empowering students to explore and interact with the world along with the language and writing skills needed to develop ideas and collaborate with others. Geometry, along with Algebra and Trigonometry, is Mr. Chadwick’s specialty and he uses these subjects to open up avenues into design and engineering for his students. He teaches his students that Geometry gives us a direct link between our creative imaginations and the larger 3D world around us. To that end, Mr. Chadwick employs drafting tools, paper craft, and Geomag magnetic building toys whenever possible to give his students a hands-on learning experience to supplement classroom instruction and plenty of practice.

SAT Pro Teacher - Nehal PateNehal Patel has been successfully instructing and tutoring students in all levels of mathematics since 2003. Students benefit from his ability to demonstrate patience while relentlessly leading them toward a more fundamental knowledge of math concepts. Nehal uses a variety of approaches in his lessons so that learners of all kinds can grasp the material. When working one-on-one, he will explain a math problem 10 different ways if his student needs him to do so. He firmly believes that all learners can succeed at mathematics if given the proper guidance, and that is his primary goal.

Nehal earned his Bachelor of Science degree in Mathematics from California State University, Long Beach. He went on to take several education courses, both at CSULB and as part of the distinguished single-subject teaching credential program at California State University, Fullerton. There, he gained valuable knowledge about how adolescents learn and the most efficient methods of education. Nehal is particularly fond of the constructivist approach, which involves having students discover key concepts and theorems for themselves. This method has proven to result in more long-lasting knowledge that can be applied and built upon as the student advances through progressive math courses.

Paul Yang recently graduated with honors from the University of Notre Dame and helps teach AP Biology, Chemistry, and the SAT. He’s from the Fullerton area and attended Troy High School, receiving an IB diploma and the designations of National Merit and AP Scholar. His ambition is to enter medical school in the near future and better learn how to bring caring and compassion to those in need. He’s attracted to teaching because he has always held the belief that teaching is the best way to learn. In his interactions with the students at SAT Professionals, he is reminded of his own high school experiences and hopes he can help guide them through their journey to academic success.

Lily Sui - Sat Pro TeacherMs. Sui has been a college math teacher for over 12 years. As an associate professor, she taught Calculus I/II, Liner Algebra, Probability Theory, Statistics, Linear Programming and so on. She also has over ten years’ experience in teaching SAT I/II math, AP Calculus AB/BC, and all other levels of math course. Ms. Sui has a bachelor degree in Pure Mathematics, and holds two master degrees in Applied Mathematics and Mathematics Education in China and U.S. Ms. Sui has finished her single subject teaching credential program on math in Cal State University, Fullerton.

Ms. Sui is a very caring, warm, and hard working person. Ms. Sui has helped many students not only achieve the highest scores on their AP Calculus, Sat I/II and GPA in math but also build up their self-confidence and gain higher ability in all advanced level math classes. For many students, Mathematics becomes their favorite and strongest subject after working with her. Ms. Sui’s teaching philosophy is to lead students to overcome their weak points and develop an overall understanding on different level math courses.

Jenna Kim is a recent graduate who studied adolescent psychology and education at UCLA. She is mostly interested in helping parent-child relationships and communication to improve the child’s overall school life, including their GPA and extracurricular activities.

She is currently preparing to attend UC Berkeley for a Master’s program in academic counseling or teaching.

Dr. Hsinghan(Michael) Meng Ph.D. Electrical Engineering, USC Master Electrical and Computer Engineering, Naval Postgraduate School Specialized in Control System, Digital Signal Processing, Communication Systems and Computer Science.

Arcadia Branch director, also teaches students in Math & Computer Science related subjects, he is in charge of SATProfessionals Maker Portfolio Program. A program to build up hands-on experience with the collaboration of hardware and software design. You will learn the basic principles of programming. You will learn the concepts and usage of micro-controller (Arduino). You will learn different kind of sensors, components for different purposes. You will learn how to put them all together to work out a project. You will build project to show your learning, curiosity, skill, and establish new dimensions of merit.

Mr. Rick Chi a proud alumnus of the Wharton Business School at University of Pennsylvania and Troy High School. He has helped students apply refreshing, unorthodox writing methods based on the newest college application trends that has resulted in tremendous success over the past year for Troy, Diamond Bar, Sunny Hills, and Walnut students. Utilizing a balance of literature, social economics, humor, and philosophy. Mr. Ricks’s writing and counseling style contribute a modern approach to our students’ final applications. Although at young age, he has assisted countless students who are currently attend schools like Stanford, Johns Hopkins, MIT, Upenn, Brown, and UC Berkeley.

Mr. Brian Kang is a recent graduate of the University of Pennsylvania where he majored in Economics. After working as a camp counselor and SAT tutor in New Jersey, he developed a passion for mentorship that naturally led him to admissions consulting. His students are attending schools such as UPenn, UC Berkeley, Carnegie Mellon, Villanova, and University of Illinois.

By encouraging deep personal reflection in his students, he has not only helped them navigate the college application, but also realize their individuality to the fullest. His biggest hope is to instill an enduring self-confidence as they become young adults and establish their place in the world. Using his experience as a sports writer and editor, Brian teaches his students to craft vivid stories that convey their experiences, interests, and goals in an entertaining and meaningful way.