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Our SAT I Program is designed for serious students who want to see a dramatic improvement in their scores. This program is once a week, six rigorous hours of learning and practicing SAT sample problems. Each week students will be quizzed on High-frequency vocabularies, complete both In-class and Homework assignments and take a weekly diagnostic test. Students who plans ahead and truly dedicate their time to us will find this special program most rewarding (10th – 12th grade).

* Please check out our Unmatched SAT I records in the past 2 decades!

Our SAT Teaching Methods #1-8

  1. 50 daily vocabulary words drawn from flashcards and vocabulary quizzes.
  2. Wide range of Reading topics (Literature, History, Pop Culture, Science, Novels, etc.)
  3. Daily essay writing. We use the “5-10-10-4”, a four paragrapg method proven to get you top essay scores.
  4. College level Literature to help boost your analytical skills.
  5. Weekly score report service with breakdowns. Scores will be posted up every week.
  6. “Catch Up Session” – It is mandatory that students stay after class to review and retake failed quizzes.
  7. A total of 1500 Math problems included in students Math packet, plus weekly Math quizzes and tests.
  8. We teach useful problem guessing strategies and really show you how to do reading comprehensions the right way.