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Road map –  Successful students plan ahead

9th graders

  1. Develop your Talents and Interests early & commit to them all 4 years.
  2. Utilize ALL Summer Sessions, even before High School begins
  3. Apply for Pre-IB Program
  4. Plan out your High School courses
  5. Plan out your SAT I, II schedule
  6. Take advantage of Community College

10th & 11th graders

  1.  Plan out your Summer Schedule wisely. Campus visit but more importantly campus research.
  2. Take PSAT Test in upcoming October. Take it seriously
  3. Plan out you SAT I, II schedule
  4. Maximize your AP/IB courses next year
  5. Understand your own strength and weaknesses
  6. Commit to one or two Extracurricular Activities and Keep and JOURNAL for personal essays
  7. Identify the teachers, counselor you are to request LOR from.
  8. National level competitions.

12th graders

  1. Start on UC, Ivy Leagues or Cal State Applications
  2. You have 4 SAT test dates remaining. except early action candidates.
  3. We meet with you to work on your resume, private school interviews, personal essays, & LOR.
  4. Financial Aid application
  5. We work with you to apply 10 to 15 scholarships that you may not know about.
  6. Analytical Writing Placement Exam
  7. Plan out your last Summer as a high school student

College Counseling

Boot Camp 2 days (6 hrs per day)

Students will:

  • Work one-on-one and in small groups to complete the common application and UC application months before their peers have even begun!
  • Prepare essays that can be used for specific colleges of their choice.
  • Develop an application strategy to increase their college acceptance possibilities.
  • Receive advice on their odds at top colleges.
  • Complete an Activity Sheet summing up their high school awards, activities, and achievements.
  • Take part in mock interviews and interview training.

Counseling WORKSHOPS

2 hrs each workshop

  1. The College Selection Process: Understanding Your Profile
  2. Building the College List: Deciding Where to Apply
  3. Hands-On College Applications
  4. Crafting the College Essay: A Writer’s Workshop

Private Counseling

with Daniel

Tuition varies depending on grade level

We strategically position you to get into the best college.

We train you with mock interview.

We work aggressively with your personal essay in every university you apply to.

We match you with 10 to 15 colleges plus UC’s.

We customize your unique 4-year plan.

We tell you the secrets of getting the best letters of recommendation.

We are writers as well as counselors

Common Applications

Our dynamic approach to the college application process begins with the core values and passions of the student.

The student is the one who is about to embark on this journey called college; so it is the student we focus on.

Although family, friends and teachers play pivotal roles in this journey, the student must first realize what is important before deciding on the next 4 years that will ultimately define his/her long-term career path and may even change his/her belief system. However, the core of the student cannot be found in a number, might it be a GPA or a test score. Instead, it is the Personal Essay that is the best vehicle to convey who the student is.

* 4 condensed sessions to perfect your UC essays done.

UC Applications Course

  • College / University selection process – Which college is right for me?
  • 4 Major Expectations of a UC student – GPA, Test Scores, Personal Essays, Extra-curricular activities
  • Personal Essay: This course will explore a variety of strategies to help improve your personal essays. You have 3 chances/personal responses to really showcase who you are. What do you want the UC schools to know that cannot be found in the application, GPA or test scores? Who am I? What are my values, beliefs, and passions? What have I learned? How do I relate who I am to the reader?