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SATPROFESSIONALS & New SAT I exam coming March 2016!

Current 9th Grade and lower. Embrace for the new SAT exam. We will be ready. Come and join our preparation!

1. No more arcane SAT words, vocabularies will be words commonly used in college courses
2. Essay becomes optional. Essay will include reading passages and argumentative response to these passages.
3. 1/4 guessing penalty is removed, but why?
4. Back to 1600 point scale instead 2400
5. SAT I test will be offered as print test and also a computerized test
6. Math questions will focus on linear equations:complex functions, ratios, percent and proportional reasoning.
7. Calculator will only be permitted on some part of the math test
8. Reading and writing sections of the NEW SAT will include source documents from science, social studies, a broad range of disciplines
9. Every NEW SAT I exam will include reading passages from Nation’s “founding documents,” such as Declaration of Independence, Bill of rights, and reference to major historical events, including but not exclusive to, civil rights movements.

Prepare to embrace the new changes in two year. New SAT I exam. Coming March 2016. Two years from now!

Come and study from the best, SATPROFESSIONALS.

We will be offering courses starting September 2014 for current 9th Graders and below for the NEW SAT I exams!
Enrollment begins Summer 2014.

Please call our offices for initial consult and academic planning.