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Creative Writing Workshop

Do you love to write, or wish you did?

Creative Writing Workshop is designed to help you develop your OWN creativity and self expression.

Creative writing is an excellent way for students to develop thinking and writing skills that will prove valuable in school and beyond.

Creative Writing Workshop is designed to help young writers develop:

  • Ideas
  • Organization
  • Written Voice

Instruction will include:

  • Elements of story writing
  • Development of character
  • Creation of visual images
  • Students will be involved in free writing to help them develop their writing voice and explore through words, the themes, topics and genres that are most meaningful and important to them.
  • Each workshop session will allow students to develop their creativity without the pressure of grades or tests, JUST creativity as a means of stimulating thought and the development of meaningful writing.
  • All types of creative writing will be introduced and students will have the choice of concentrating on a specific genre or exploring various forms.
  • Students will have the opportunity for both instructor and peer critique.
  • Students will have the opportunity to build upon existing skills and work that can compliment college admissions portfolios or pave the way for future publishing.

Creative writing can help any student develop stronger writing skills, greater confidence in writing and greater understanding of the writing process.

Space is limited so for more information and sign up.

Please call Minnie Kim (714) 449-2399 or Joanne (909) 860-2190

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