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11th Grade College Counseling Workshop

11th Grade College Counseling Workshop is designed to help students make the best decisions and plans during the last CRITICAL year of high school before the college admission process begins. The 11th grade is last year a student has to correct inadequacies in his/her academic record as well as extra curricular activities and community service experiences.


The 11th Grade Workshop will help students by providing guidance and direction concerning:

  • High School course and level planning and adjustment
  • Extra curricular activities enhancement
  • Community Service planning
  • Summer Enrichment opportunities and planning
  • Internship opportunities and application
  • Early college course opportunities
  • How to make good college choices
  • Understanding the college admissions process


The 11th Grade College Counseling Workshop includes:

8 2½ hour group sessions and 2 one hour private planning sessions.[arrowlist]

The 8 group sessions will be held throughout the academic year, (summer sessions are also available) in September, November, January, February, March, April, May and June.


  • What do colleges expect from extra curricular activities?
  • How to show that your extra curricular activities are both meaningful and relevant to your interests and goals
  • What do colleges expect from community service experiences?
  • How do I make myself stand out from the crowd?


  • What types of colleges do I have to choose from and how can each meet my personal academic and personal goals?
  • Understanding the admissions process, What are admissions reps looking for in a candidate?
  • Planning spring semester classes and possible early college classes

January 8th

  • Making the most of Summer Enrichment opportunities. How do I choose the right activity?
  • College Search, what do I look for in a good school for me?
  • What do college admissions rep say about what makes for the best chance for admissions?

February 12th

  • College visitation, the group will visit a local 4 year college

March 12th

  • Finalizing Summer Enrichment activities
  • Planning for fall classes and early college opportunities
  • Review of early scholarship and contest opportunities

April 9th

  • College visitation, the group will visit a second 4 year college

May 14th

  • Understanding college admissions applications
  • Understanding college admissions essays
  • Developing a college admissions resume

June 11th

  • Making a college list
  • Understanding pros and cons
  • Finalizing summer plans

Gayle Byrne – Head Counselor with over 30 years of experience in College Planning

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